Media accreditation for STS-122 Columbus launch

Space Shuttle Atlantis on the launch pad
14 December 2007

NASA has updated its media accreditation deadlines for the launch of space shuttle Atlantis, carrying ESA's Columbus laboratory to the ISS. The launch is now provisionally targetted for 10 January.

All US and international media who are not already accredited for Atlantis' launch and the STS-122 mission must apply for credentials to attend the liftoff from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida or to cover the mission from other NASA centres.

Additional time may be required to process accreditation requests by journalists from certain designated countries. Designated countries include those with which the United States has no diplomatic relations, on the US State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism, which are under US sanction or embargo, or which raise proliferation concerns. Journalists should confirm they have been accredited before they travel.

No substitutions of credentials are allowed at any NASA facility.

Kennedy Space Center

All media credentials originally approved for the STS-122 mission will be honoured when the launch takes place. The mission badges will be valid beginning four days before launch (known as L-4) through to the end of the mission.

  • US media who already have their STS-122 mission badge do not need to take any further action.
  • US media who are approved but have not obtained their credentials
  • may pick them up beginning on L-4.
  • US media who do not have an STS-122 mission badge but would like to obtain one now should apply by 20 December to Kennedy's online accreditation site at:

International media

International media should note that while their STS-122 approvals will Carry over to the launch date, the Kennedy News Center still needs to know in advance whether they still plan to attend the launch. International reporters should confirm to NASA that they plan to attend the launch, by e-mailing the accreditation manager at by 17 December.

Media will receive an e-mail reply confirming their status and giving detailed instructions for badging. If media do not alert NASA by the deadline, your credentials will not be valid for the new launch date - no exceptions will be made.

International media who have never had an STS-122 badge, or who never received approval to attend the launch but who wish to attend, should apply to Kennedy's online site by 17 December.

For the latest status on the launch of STS-122 visit the NASA STS-122 website

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NASA Public Affairs
Kennedy Space Center: Candrea Thomas, 321-867-2468,

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