ESA TV satellite coverage Odissea Mission

Follow the launch, docking and ingress of the Odissea Mission live via digital satellite.

You can follow the transmission from your home, provided you have a digital satellite receiver and a satellite antenna pointed to Astra. The ESA Television Service will make use of an Astra transponder instead of the "classical" Eutelsat 10-degree West transponder. The transmission can be received with a normal consumer satellite reception equipment - provided it is able to receive digital transmissions.

Transmission details

Astra 2C at 19 degrees East Transponder 57, horizontal, MPEG-2, MCPC Frequency 10832 MHz, Symbol Rate 22000 MS/sec, FEC=5/6

Service name: ‘ESA’ – please select this on your digital receiver

On this channel, colour bars with a superimposed ESA logo will be transmitted from three days before the launch (27 October at 06:00 CET), until the start of the live launch transmission. An audio tone (1 KHz, -9 dB) will also be transmitted during this period.

Transmission schedule

30 October: Launch
03:50 – 04.25 CET LIVE televised launch programme
06:00 – 06:15 CET Launch highlights

1 November: Docking and ingress
05:40 – 06:15 CET LIVE docking coverage
(estimated docking time 06:00 CET)

07:10 - 07:40 CET LIVE Odissea crew entering ISS
(estimated entry time 07:30 CET)

08:40 – 09:15 CET LIVE First crew VIP call
(estimated start time 09:00 CET)

10:00 – 10:15 CET Docking and entry highlights

Further information

The complete programme of ESA TV transmissions is available on

Last update: 16 March 2005

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