Trailer for the education DVD 'Ingredients for Life: On Earth and in Space'

New education products take human spaceflight into the classroom

18 September 2008

ESA has released a new educational DVD and a 3-D Teaching Tool, adding to the suite of human spaceflight related education products available for school teachers to use in the classroom.

New generation of DVDs

To keep abreast with current topics, ESA's Human Spaceflight Directorate is developing a new set of DVDs. Ingredients for Life: On Earth and in Space is the first DVD in this series.

'Ingredients for Life: On Earth and in Space' looks at the vital ingredients that terrestrial life relies on and make our planet such a beautiful and ideal place to live.

The DVD is divided into sections about the fundamental necessities for sustaining life on Earth, and how ESA is developing technologies to mimic these processes and systems in space for short and long periods of time.

The DVD is aimed at upper secondary school level students, aged 16-18.

Computer-based exercises

ISS 3D Teaching Tool - Space Challenge 1

The ISS 3-D Teaching Tool is an interactive 'game-like' tool in which students work their way through several mission scenarios inside and outside the International Space Station, completing computer-based exercises related to the European curricula. This product provides teachers with a multilingual, pedagogical tool for teaching space-related topics to pupils aged 12-18.

Both products are translated into 12 ESA Member State languages and come complete with a Teacher's Guide and a User's Guide.

To get your copy

Teachers from one of ESA's Member State countries* can order a free copy of the DVD or the ISS 3D Teaching Tool (also available as a download for teachers and pupils) by completing the order form at

IMPORTANT - read carefully before ordering:

  • Only education professionals are entitled to receive hardcopies of the DVD and ISS 3-D Teaching Tool. Pupils and other users can also register to download the 3-D Teaching Tool.
  • Following an ESA mandate, we are only allowed to distribute our material for free throughout the 17 ESA Member States. Unfortunately we cannot distribute our material to schools or other educational institutes in other countries. Please bear in mind that invalid requests will be filtered out.
  • Where relevant, please complete in ENGLISH all fields such as profession and subjects taught.
  • You only need to click on the submit button once...

For further information

Contact the Human Spaceflight education team by email at isseducationteam[@]

* ESA Member States are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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