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Paolo in 3D

23 May 2011

Paolo has been photographing Earth and life aboard the Space Station during his MagISStra mission. These photos – some in 3D – show fascinating details inside the Station modules: they give us a feeling of the astronauts’ surroundings.

Paolo published on last Friday a set of new 3D photos. They show aspects of daily life on the Station including experiments, education activities, repair work and exercises.

To view these ‘anaglyph’ images in 3D requires red/cyan glasses, but the content can also be understood without.

The photos can be seen at his Flickr account (, but here are some samples:

Cady Coleman in Kibo laboratory. She will return to Earth with Paolo and Dmitri Kondratyev in early hours of Tuesday 24 May after being 159 days in space.

In the Columbus module on Christmas Day.

Cady calibrates the Pulmonary Function System.

Paolo photographing the Greenhouse experiment.

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