Research facility installed in Destiny Lab

HRF-2 installed Destiny
Housed within the Human Research Facility #2, the Pulmonary Function System installed in Destiny
5 August 2005

Whilst attention is focussed on work to the outside of the Space Shuttle, a new research facility, which includes the European-built Pulmonary Function System (PFS), has been installed in the US Destiny Laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS). The device will be used for breathe analysis and provide near-instant data on the state of crew health.

The Pulmonary Function System is housed in the Human Research Facility #2 (HRF-2), a rack that was delivered to ISS on the Multi Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) carried within Discovery's cargo bay.

Originally planned for launch in the European Columbus Laboratory, following great interest shown by NASA, ESA was offered an earlier flight opportunity to launch the Pulmonary Function System.

Developed by the Danish company INNOVISION SA, the Pulmonary Function System can measure six different gases simultaneously, with several measurements being made in a single breath. The data will provide a wealth of information about the astronauts' lung function, blood flow and entire cardiovascular system.

Check out and commissioning of the Pulmonary Function System, which will be performed by ISS crewmembers, is scheduled for the autumn. A team of specialists based at Damec Research Aps, the Danish User Support Operation Centre (USOC), will provide support on the ground.

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