Hardware facilities

The Navigation Applications and User Services Office of the European Space Agency (ESA) offers a number of tools and facilities to Navigation projects.

The Radio Navigation Laboratory is in possession of the following hardware:

  • GNSS RF Signal Generator
  • Evil Wave Form Equipment
  • Broad selection of navigation receivers
  • Servers. EGNOS Message Server
GNSS RF signal simulator
GNSS RF signal simulator

GNSS RF Signal Generator
This generates the physical output RF signal of a GNSS satellite. Manipulation of the signal for simulating the propagations effects, or other error sources is possible.

Its main capabilities and features are:

  • Generation of the following GNSS RF signals
    • GPS (L1, L2, L5), 12 channels GPS L1 & L2 (or 24 channels GPS L1), 12 channels GPS L5
    • GLONASS (L1i, L2i), 12 channels
    • EGNOS
  • Generation of RF navigation signal at reception for multiple user receivers simultaneously
  • Configurable signal perturbations
    • Multipath
    • Interference
    • Dynamics (consistent with the defined user(s) receiver trajectory (ies))
  • Delays and distortions due to non-local propagation can be optionally modelled
  • RTCM differential channel
  • CW and Pulsed interference, together with AWGN can be added under controllable conditions
Evil Wave Form Equipment
Evil Wave Form Equipment

Evil Wave Form Equipment
This generates a distorted physical output RF signal of a GPS satellite. The introduced distortions simulate the effects of circuitry malfunction, in the navigation payload, which have been observed in GPS. It includes hardware and software for analyzing the signal autocorrelation function distortion provoked by the evil waveform.

GNSS signal receiver

Broad selection of navigation receivers
A wide variety of GNSS receivers are available. They are able to process GLONASS and/or GPS and/or SBAS signals, at L1 or L1&L2 bands.

Servers. EGNOS Message Server
A platform, receiving continuously and storing, for off-line analysis, the correction messages broadcast by EGNOS. EGNOS messages can be retrieved across the internet with SISNeT.

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