INTEGRAIL - GNSS-1 Rail User Navigation Equipment

Integrail system to improve safety
Integrail system to improve safety

The aim of INTEGRAIL is to open the way for profitable use of the EGNOS signal in safety-critical railway traffic management and control. The system aims at achieving significant improvements for the rail traffic operator with respect to cost, redundancy and reliability of the present train speed measurement systems, which are based on odometers, by adding satellite navigation information and the integrity information offered by EGNOS.

Moreover, the INTEGRAIL system is able to provide reliable position and integrity information under varying operational conditions. This was achieved by tailored requirements analysis, appropriate sensor selection, performance simulation and actual testing of the system “in-the-field”. In the present project, train operations on secondary or rural lines were targeted for application testing purposes.

The INTEGRAIL project was initiated in September 2001 and completed in June 2004; successful field trials were carried out from February 2003 until December 2003 on tracks in Austria (LogServ/CargoServ, VoestAlpine: Linz – Steyrling) and in Belgium (SNCB).

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