Integrated GNSS and Mobile Communication Terminal - NAVCOM

NAVCOM system architecture
NAVCOM system architecture

The main task of the NAVCOM project is the development and integration of a GPS/EGNOS module (receiver) into an existing TETRAPOL mobile communication unit.

This Integrated Terminal will supply the actual and valorised position information via the TETRAPOL communication network to an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Server.

A user is able to track and guide several Intelligent Transport Systems (ITSs) on an AVL display and communicate with them via the voice and data channel of the TETRAPOL system. The navigation module is able to acquire assisted Global Positioning System (GPS) and assisted European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) information via the communication system when the clear view to the satellites is obstructed.

One major task of the NAVCOM project is the design, prototyping, and acceptance testing of the navigation module (GPS/EGNOS) and its integration into the existing TETRAPOL mobile unit. Therefore small size and low power are two key features of the navigation module. Another one is determined by low cost, others are determined by the requirements of the identified applications.

The NAVCOM project was initiated in February 2002 and will be completed in December 2006.

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