Management and Supervision System for Special Aircraft Operations (MASSAO)

Bad weather can ground a rescue operation
Bad weather can ground a rescue operation

While commercial airlines and large aircraft operators typically maintain airline-operating centres (AOC). These allow for world wide communication with their fleet through professional communication service providers and multiple communication channels. Smaller, more specialised operators need a customised system solution on a smaller scale. These operators typically operate a fleet of around 10 aircraft or helicopters that are used for special missions such as:

  • transportation of passenger and cargo to and from oil rigs
  • power line maintenance
  • cargo transport for construction work in special areas (for example the Alps)
  • search and rescue operation
  • observation of weather conditions
  • coast guard

In the MASSAO project, a smaller sized solution for supporting company air traffic management was developed. The system has a significant advantage over existing products in the high-end market segment which are more expensive by an order of magnitude. No other competitive product on system level is available on the market in this cost segment.

The MASSAO project was initiated in May 2002 and completed in October 2003.

Last update: 8 February 2006

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