Safer transport by train
Safer transport by train

The main objective of the RadioCompass project has been to develop and test an innovative system for the purpose of high-precision/high-integrity train navigation and attitude determination.

These high-performance requirements are necessary in applications such as track maintenance, measurement of track curvature, power supply diagnosis and safety-related applications. RadioCompass integrates the best sub-modules available on the market and can be used as a benchmark for other equipment.

Moreover, in combination with the modularity concept, the RadioCompass prototype offers the possibility to react flexibly on new objectives by up or downgrading the equipment’s performance according to the user’s needs, to implement newly developed components, or to use the unit for new types of satellite navigation signals.

The RadioCompass project was initiated in January 2001 and completed in September 2003.

Last update: 8 February 2006

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