GSTB-V1 Technology Developments

The Galileo System Test Bed (GSTB) has been defined as an integral part of the Galileo Design Development and Validation Phase. Its primary purpose is to mitigate programme risks.

The main objective of the first step of the Galileo System Test Bed (GSTB-V1) is to reduce Galileo programme risk on ground segment development by anticipated experimentation on Orbit determination & Time Synchronisation and Integrity concepts.

Pre-developments in the Processing Facilities are conducted to support the refinement of the critical ground segment algorithms and the assessment of related performances based on realistic measurements from the GPS system, in collaboration with the International GPS Service community and UTC time community.

The various developments are described below:

Galileo System Test Bed Version 1 (GSTB-V1) reduces the risk on the Galileo ground segment development through early experimentation with the Orbit Determination & Time Synchronisation and Integrity techniques.

The GSTB-V1 Experimental Orbitography and Synchronisation Processing Facility (E-OSPF) is the element responsible for the generation of the Navigation and Signal In Space Accuracy (SISA) products within the GSTB-V1. It implements highly sophisticated prototype algorithms for the Galileo Orbit Determination and Time Synchronisation (OD&TS) function, aiming at the computation of accurate and reliable orbit and clock predictions.

The GSTB-V1 Experimental Precise Timing Station (E-PTS) provides the accurate and stable reference time for the GSTB-V1: the Experimental Galileo System Time (E-GST).

The GSTB-V1 Data Server Facility (DSF) is the central element of the Galileo System Test Bed V1 (GSTB-V1). Its main role inside the GSTB Processing Centre (GPC) is to collect, redistribute, store and make publicly available the scientific data used and generated by the system.

The GSTB-V1 Experimental Integrity Processing Facility (E-IPF) is one of the core elements within the GSTB-V1 Processing Centre. Its high flexibility allows integrity analyses at ground segment level as well as at user and system levels.

Last update: 11 May 2004

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