Satellites help train safety
Trains controlled by satellite

The main objective of LOCOLOC is the development and demonstration of a complete very low cost fail-safe train navigation and integrity system based on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), focusing on speed and acceleration, as well as a service centre to complement LOCOPROL, a related project launched by the European Commission.

The LOCOPROL project intends to develop an innovative, cost-effective satellite based train location system as the primary component of a train protection, control and command system.

The purpose of the LOCOLOC project is to set up and validate new cost effective satellite-based vital train length, speed and acceleration measurement algorithms.

These new algorithms are necessary to supplement satellite based train localisation algorithms to achieve an integrated train navigation system that could in future fruitfully fulfil both train protection, control and command as well as fleet management and end user service requirements.

The project started in March 2002 and was concluded in September 2004.

A successful demonstration of the system was carried out in Gembloux, Belgium in April 2004.

Last update: 8 February 2006

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