ship on ice
Satellite navigation systems benefit shipping

The sea and waterways are the most widely used mode for transporting goods worldwide. A wide variety of vessels moves around the world each day. The efficiency, safety and optimization of marine transportation are key issues.
EGNOS and Galileo will be a fundamental tool for bringing innovation and progress in navigation and many other marine activities such as fishing, oceanography and oil and gas exploitation. Satellite navigation benefits all maritime applications, including leisure boats, commercial vessels, and unregulated and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulated ships. Each application will take advantage of the new characteristics offered by EGNOS and Galileo: increased accuracy and integrity, certified services and high availability.
EGNOS and Galileo will be used in every phase of marine navigation: ocean, coastal, port approach and port maneuvers, under all weather conditions.

Last update: 6 June 2007

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