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Copernicus/GMES general
The European Earth monitoring (GMES) programme: Status and perspectives
J. Aschbacher, M.Milagro-Pérez
Remote Sensing of Environment, 2012

GMES Space Component getting ready for operations
J. Aschbacher, M. Milagro-Pérez, A. Ciccolella, T. Beer, A. Tassa, W. Rathgeber, G. Filippazzo
ESA Bulletin 149, February 2012

Observing Earth for a safer planet - GMES Space Component: status and challenges
J. Aschbacher, T. Beer, A. Ciccolella, M. Pilar Milagro & E. Paliouras
ESA Bulletin 142, May 2010

The Sentinel missions

Sentinel-1: ESA's radar observatory mission for GMES operational services
ESA Special Publication (SP-1322/1), 18 April 2012

GMES Sentinel-1 mission
R. Torres, P. Snoeij, D. Geudtner, D. Bibby, M. Davidson, E. Attema, P. Potin, B. Rommen, N. Floury, M. Brown, I. Navas Traver, P. Deghaye, B. Duesmann, B. Rosich, N. Miranda, C. Bruno, M. L'Abbate, R. Croci, A. Pietropaolo, M. Huchler, F. Rostan
Remote sensing of Environment, 2012

Sentinel-2: ESA's optical high-resolution mission for GMES operational services
ESA Special Publication (SP-1322/2), 18 April 2012

GMES Sentinel-2 mission
M. Drusch, U. Del Bello, S. Carlier, O. Colin, V. Fernandez, F. Gascon, B. Hoersch, C. Isola, P. Laberinti, P. Martimort, A. Meygret, F. Spoto, O. Sy, F. Marchese, P. Bargellini
Remote sensing of Environment, 2012 

Sentinel-3: ESA's global land and ocean mission for GMES operational services
ESA Special Publication (SP-1322/3), 14 November 2012 

GMES Sentinel-3 mission
C. Donlon, B. Berruti, A. Buongiorno, M.-H. Ferreira, P. Féménias, J. Frericka, P. Goryl, U. Kleina, H. Laur, C. Mavrocordatos, J. Nieke, H. Rebhan, B. Seitz, J. Stroede, R. Sciarra
Remote Sensing of Environment, 2012

Requirements for the GMES Atmosphere Service and ESA's implementation concept: Sentinels-4/-5 and -5p
P. Ingmann, B. Veihelmann, J. Langen, D. Lamarre, H. Stark, G. Bazalgette Courrèges-Lacoste
Remote Sensing of Environment, 2012

TROPOMI on the ESA Sentinel-5 Precursor: A GMES mission for global observations of the atmospheric composition for climate, air quality and ozone layer applications
J.P. Veefkind, I. Aben, K. McMullan, H. Förster, J. de Vries, G. Otter, J. Claas, H.J. Eskes, J.F. de Haan, Q. Kleipool, M. van Weele, O. Hasekamp, R. Hoogeveen, J. Landgraf, R. Snel, P. Tol, P. Ingmann, R. Voors, B. Kruizinga, R. Vink, et al.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 2012

The Sentinel missions - Services and science

ESA's sentinel missions in support of Earth system science
M. Berger, J. Moreno, J. A. Johannessen, P. F. Levelt, R. F. Hanssen
Remote Sensing of Environment, 2012

Sentinels for science: Potential of Sentinel-1, -2, and -3 missions for scientific observations of ocean, cryosphere, and land
Z. Malenovskýa, H. Rott, J. Cihlar, M. E. Schaepman, G. García-Santos, R. Fernandes, M. Berger
Remote Sensing of Environment, 2012

Copernicus/GMES programmatic documents

Copernicus regulation
EU Parliament and Council, 3 April 2014

EU regulation on the European Earth monitoring programme (GMES) and its initial operations (2011 to 2013)
EU Parliament and Council, 22 September 2010

GMES: we care for a safer planet
Communication from the European Commission to the Council and the European Parliament, COM(2008) 748 final, 12 November 2008

The Way to the European Earth Observation System GMES
The Munich Roadmap, Symposium, April 2007

GMES: From concept to reality
Communication from the European Commission to the Council and the European Parliament, COM(2005) 565 final, 10 November 2005

GMES - A Consultation Meeting
2-3 May 2001, Baveno, Italy, 29 January 2001

Other documents

Earth Observation’s Potential for the EU Environment
European Commission DG Environment
 Science for Environment Policy - Future Briefs, February 2013

About GMES and data: geese and golden eggs
Geoff Sawyer, Marc De Vries
ESA/EARSC Report, 6 December 2012

Securing Galileo's and GMES's place in European policy
C. Giannopapa
Remote Sensing of Environment, November 2012 

The Growing Use of GMES across Europe’s Regions
NEREUS publication, October 2012 

The socio-economic benefits of GMES
European Space Policy Institute
 ESPI Report, 25 November 2011

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