Focus on Copernicus applications

Copernicus provides a unified system through which vast amounts of data are fed into a range of information services designed to benefit the environment, the way we live, humanitarian needs and support effective policy-making for a more sustainable future.

Here are a few examples of the possible applications in different thematic areas. Additional ones will be regularly published, so check back for more to come!

Latest published:


Monitoring restless super-volcanoes



A close-up view of big events Facing the renewable
energy challenge
Keeping Europe
on the move
Satellites reveal where 
Europe is running out of water
Europe's lakes and rivers
monitored from space
Satellites help to design
more habitable cities
Glaciers on the move -
a perspective from space
Satellites support monitoring
of Europe's green lungs
Satellites pinpoint
the loss of natural soil
Expanding cities -
a growing concern
From space to species:
monitoring biodiversity
Europe's changing snow cover
seen from space
Satellites help to monitor
infrastructure stability
Food watch from space How satellites track
a mass killer
Preserving forests
cutting carbon
Boosting food security
from space
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