GMES Sentinel Data Policy information day

23 July 2009

ESA and the EC will host an Industry Information Day on the GMES Sentinel Data Policy on 11 September 2009 in Brussels.

The meeting intends to inform participants about the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) governance and information policy in general, and the Sentinel Data Policy in particular. In addition, it provides a forum for discussions and for collecting views on the Sentinel Data Policy, especially from the European service industry, GMES services, potential Sentinel data users, satellite data providers and distributors.


GMES is an EC-led initiative to ensure the provision of Earth Observation (EO) services that are tailored to the needs of users, both public policymakers and citizens on a sustainable basis.. In the GMES Space Component, which guarantees access to a variety of EO data, EC and ESA are jointly funding the development of the Sentinel missions.

ESA and the EC are specifically working together to define the principles and implementation scheme of the Sentinel Data Policy.

The Industry Information Day is aimed at people with an involvement in EO data and the service industry.

Interested parties may register here.

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