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About the symposium

Organised with the support of the UK Space Agency, ESA hosted the Living Planet Symposium on 9–13 September 2013 in Edinburgh, UK.

The event brought together scientists and users to present their latest findings on Earth’s environment and climate derived from satellite data. It also provided an opportunity to introduce missions in development from ESA – such as the Sentinels, Earth Explorers and meteorological missions – as well as from national space agencies.

The event followed the previous symposia held in Bergen (2010), Montreux (2007) and Salzburg (2004), and was open to anyone interested in remote sensing or involved in the development and exploitation of Earth observation missions.

Over 1700 presentations during nine daily parallel sessions and three poster sessions covered the scientific themes of oceanography, solid Earth and geodesy, atmosphere, climate and meteorology, cryosphere, hazards, methodologies and products, near-Earth environment and land applications. 

Special sessions were dedicated to ESA programmes and initiatives, including the Climate Change Initiative and other international cooperation initiatives, as well as the Copernicus environmental monitoring programme.

Exhibitions about ESA, the UK Space Agency and many other partners from research and industry complemented the event.

For students, a School Lab gave hands-on experience to learn about the science and applications of satellite Earth observation, as well as the opportunity to talk to the scientists and experts attending this major conference.

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