Part 5: 13 - 19 November

Toroidal Pattern Antenna

Sunday 13 November
No work during the Sunday, but this did not mean staying in bed! ESA had invited the combined MSG-2 team to join for 'go-karting' in Macouria. The track was reserved from 09:00 until 12:00 and a competition was organised. This was followed by a buffet. There was also a possibility to go 'Quad biking'. Despite the fact that the track was bone dry (those in the know tell you its a lot more fun when the jungle is wet), it was good fun. A few adventurous souls went flying in Ultra lights, some of them with very mixed feelings, vowing to never do this again (You said this already in 1991 Leonie)!

All in all, it was a great day for team-building, and we have to say that the MSG-2 team-spirit is very good.

Monday 14 November
The flight batteries have been installed and torqued definitively (we hope !) on the spacecraft; the spare battery destorage has started. For the UPS (Unified Propulsion System), the regulator and thrusters line final pressurisation have been performed. Flight/Non-flight equipment inspection has started. The SEVIRI baffle cover (which will be ejected during flight) finalisation has been performed.

Tuesday 15 November
The flight batteries have been connected, with all functions related to charge, discharge and monitoring being tested. The TPA (Toroidal Pattern Antenna) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) flight coax cable have been installed.

In parallel the inspection of Building S5-A for the spacecraft filling operation has been done. This building is specifically designed for safety precautions needed for the hazardous operation with toxic liquids. MSG-2 will move to this building at the end of the health tests.

SAP installation

Wednesday 16 November
The flight/non-flight inspection has started; this inspection is being performed without the Solar Arrays Panels installed - the spacecraft being open and fully accessible - allowing checking to see if all equipment is in its flight configuration.

The preparation for the filling operation has started with the set-up and validation of the fuelling equipment in the S5-A building.

In the evening the team watched a perfect launch of V167 from various locations. The way is now clear for us!

Thursday 17 November
The installation of the eight Solar Arrays Panels (SAP) started. In parallel the EDA (Electronically Despun Antenna) inspection has been performed and the MLI (Multi Layer Insulation) thermal protection was finalised.

Antennas connection test

Friday 18 November
Solar Arrays Panels flood test started. In this test the panels are illuminated and the resulting current checked, to ensure that all electrical connections are correct and functioning properly.

Saturday 19 November
The preparation for the antennas connection test has started. This test checks the Radio Frequency (RF) connection between the spacecraft transmitters and receivers and the related antennas is correctly performed. Due to the relatively high RF power that is radiated, special absorber panels have to be placed around the satellite. After everything was checked by the safety department, the test started and will continue next week.

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