Part 6: 21 - 26 November

MSG-2 transfer to S5 building

Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 November
The spacecraft closure can start with the installation of the solar panels. After the installation, the cover protection will be removed. The spacecraft is nearly in the flight configuration. The finalisation and inspection of MLI (multi Layer Insulation) has been done.

Wednesday 23 November
In order to train the operational team involved in the 'Final Countdown', a countdown rehearsal in S5 building was successfully performed.

Thursday 24 November
Following the successful MSG-2 SRR (Spacecraft Readiness Review) the green light has been given to transfer the spacecraft to the S5-A building to start the dry weighing and the filling operations.

MSG-2 dry weighing

Friday 25 November
The spacecraft dry weighing has been done and the set-up to start the filling put in place. MSG-2 has been installed on the 'Filling stand'.

Saturday 26 November
Helium tank pressurisation (hazardous operation) has been performed successfully to 259.4 bar, at 22.7 deg. C.

Last update: 14 December 2005

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