Part 7: 28 November - 2 December

Monday 28 November
Final spacecraft preparation for the filling operation, with the set-up being checked by the payload safety officer. A scape (Self Contained Atmospheric Personnel Equipment)-suit training has been organised for this hazardous sequence.

Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 November
The spacecraft has been successfully filled with 603 kg of MON-1 (Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen) as the oxidiser – the same quantity as MSG-1.

Thursday 1 December
The spacecraft has been successfully filled with 365 kg of MMH (Mono-Methyl Hydrazine) as the fuel – the same quantity of MSG-1.

Friday 2 December
The spacecraft electrical check and spacecraft switch-on after the hazardous filling operation has been performed successfully.

Last update: 14 December 2005

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