Part 8: 5 - 9 December

MSG-2 being installed on the payload adaptor

Monday 5 December
The pyro arming has been performed following the visual inspection after the finalization of filling operation.

Tuesday 6 December
Spacecraft preparation for the wet weighing operation, classed as a hazardous operation.

Wednesday 7 December
The spacecraft weighing after filling has been performed successfully. The spacecraft mass in launch configuration is 2034.4 kg (fully conforming to predictions).

Preparations for transport to BAF

In order to release MSG-2 for transport from the S5-A Building to Final Assembly Building (BAF) the Launch Readiness Review (LRR) has been held. The conclusion is that MSG-2 is ready to be transported and integrated on the Launcher.

Thursday 8 December
Following the Check-out Terminal Equipment (COTE) transport in the Launch table, the links validation has started with the S5-C building.

Friday 9 December
In order to transport the spacecraft on the launcher in the BAF the acceptance of this facility has been carried out.

Last update: 20 December 2005

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