Part 9: 12 - 20 December

Move of MSG-2 from CCU-2 to launcher

Monday 12 December
The POC (Combined Operation Plan) has started for MSG with the transport from S5-A Building to BAF (Final Assembly Building), performed using the CCU2 (Payload Transport Container).

Tuesday 13 December
The spacecraft has been unloaded from CCU2, and has been installed on the Ariane 5-GS Launcher with the specific MSG-2 shock configuration.

MSG-2 installation on the launcher
MSG-2 installation on the launcher

This configuration consists of: two shock attenuators, called PSAD and MFD-C. PSAD stands for Passive Shock Attenuator Device, weighing 67 kg. MFD-C stands for Modular Fitting Dummy, and weighs 301 kg.

Wednesday 14 December
Upper composite installation has been performed successfully.

Thursday 15 December
Charging of batteries and the functional check has been performed without problems.

MSG-2 installation on the two shocks attenuators

Friday 16 December
The Dress Rehearsal (Repetition Generale) has been successfully carried out, so that the MSG-Team is ready for the Count Down and Launch. The dress rehearsal is the simulation of H0 -10hours until H0 + 30 minutes.

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 December
No work during the weekend! For Sunday after-noon a nice party has been organised including a second try 'go-karting' in Macouria. The idea is to have a very good team spirit in order to be in perfect condition for the Launch Day.

MSG-2 fairing encapsulation

Monday 19 December
The RAL (Launch Readiness Review) for the Flight 169 has been held, and the green light has been done to authorise Ariane 5-GS transfer from BAF to its launch pad.

Tuesday 20 December
The launcher has been moved from BAF (final assembly building) to launch pad Tuesday, 20 December, between 10:00 to 11:30 (L-1).

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