Milestones & announcements

21/12/2010 ESA unveils latest map of world’s land cover
16/12/2010 Arianespace to launch ESA’s first Sentinel satellite
22/11/2010 ESA's ice mission goes live
18/11/2010 Development of Meteosat Third Generation to start
02/11/2010 ESA's SMOS water mission celebrates first year in orbit
28/10/2010 Envisat in its new home
20/10/2010 International disaster charter celebrates 10th anniversary
08/10/2010 2010 Earth Observation Handbook released
20/07/2010 Scientists receive first CryoSat-2 data
05/07/2010 Agreement between ESA and EMSA furthers maritime safety
02/07/2010 Revisit the Living Planet Symposium
28/06/2010 ESA's biggest scientific symposium gets underway
09/06/2010 ESA makes first GOCE dataset available
21/05/2010 ESA's SMOS water mission goes live
21/04/2010 ERS-2 celebrates 15 years of Earth observation
13/04/2010 ESA's ice mission delivers first data
08/04/2010 Successful launch for ESA’s CryoSat-2 ice satellite
31/03/2010 Astrium to build ESA's second Sentinel-2 satellite for GMES
12/03/2010 Signature secures future Sentinels for GMES
23/02/2010 First images from ESA’s water mission
04/02/2010 Weather satellite sets new service record
02/11/2009 Two new ESA satellites successfully lofted into orbit
30/09/2009 GOCE delivering data for best gravity map ever
05/06/2009 ESA extends Envisat satellite mission
17/03/2009 ESA launches Earth Explorer mission GOCE
23/01/2009 ESA awarded by Japanese Space Agency
27/05/2008 EarthCARE satellite contract signed
17/04/2008 GMES Sentinel-2 satellite contract signed
14/04/2008 Contract signed for ESA’s Sentinel-3 earth observation satellite
19/12/2007 ESA and EC take major step forward in GMES
22/11/2007 ESA celebrates 30 years of Meteosat
18/06/2007 Contract signed for building of GMES Sentinel-1 satellite
16/05/2007 MetOp-A takes up service
11/05/2007 ESA presents the sharpest ever satellite map of Earth
28/02/2007 Envisat still going strong after five successful years
16/02/2007 ESA celebrates 15 years of near-real time data delivery in Earth Observation
05/12/2006 Explore planet Earth in near-real time
16/11/2006 European Space Agency and Google Earth showcase our planet
23/10/2006 ESA’s small Proba satellite celebrates five years in space
27/09/2006 New scientific challenges and goals for ESA's Living Planet Programme
15/06/2006 ESA and Spot Image set precedence with data sharing
28/02/2006 Four years on, Envisat hailed for its contribution to Earth science
26/10/2005 Implementing European Space Policy: Key ESA/EC agreement on Earth Observation data signed today
24/10/2005 Report emphasises science benefits of ESA's Earth Observation Envelope Programme
21/10/2005 ESA's new Earth Images Gallery: Typhoon Kirogi makes stormy entry
21/04/2005 A decade after launch, ERS-2's mission continues
15/03/2005 ESA announces Call for next Earth Explorer missions
07/02/2005 MERIS captures all of Europe from orbit
01/02/2005 Earth & Space Week 2005: Celebrating our planet while reaching for the stars
02/11/2004 MSG-4 contract means sunny outlook for European weather forecasting
22/10/2004 Three years of Proba, the 'smart' satellite that runs itself
08/10/2004 Envisat meets Phileas Fogg: two world travellers brought together by CD-ROM
17/06/2004 ESA and EADS-CASA sign contract to build instrument for the SMOS mission
15/06/2004 'Space and Major Disasters' - Charter members strengthen ties with UN
03/06/2004 A 'Swarm' of satellites for a unique look inside the Earth
28/04/2004 Plan for global Earth monitoring agreed at Tokyo summit
27/04/2004 Enter the Dragon: ESA and China's joint Earth watch begins
01/03/2004 Envisat concludes a busy second year in orbit
05/02/2004 ESA to select new Earth Explorers missions
30/01/2004 Envisat completes its ten thousandth orbit of the Earth
27/10/2003 MERIS data users meet at ESA/ESRIN in Italy
04/08/2003 CryoSat takes significant step towards final completion
01/08/2003 CHRIS/Proba takes lead in Spanish campaign to help hyperspectral sensor development
10/07/2003 Passing its global sight test leaves MERIS ready for work
28/05/2003 SpaceGrid study ends on an optimistic note
25/04/2003 All that glitters: The first ERS/Envisat interferogram
08/04/2003 ESA and NASDA complete successful data relay tests between Artemis and Adeos II
19/03/2003 Artemis relays first images for Envisat
12/03/2003 UK space museum marks Envisat’s first year
28/02/2003 Envisat celebrates first anniversary in space
24/02/2003 Eyeing orbits from a new perspective - your PC
22/11/2002 A busy time for the Envisat Validation Campaign
22/11/2002 25 years of European satellite meteorology - Happy Birthday, Meteosat!
19/11/2002 ESA chairs 16th CEOS Plenary Meeting
07/11/2002 Tools for schools: Eduspace offers new ways to teach Earth observation
31/10/2002 The power of two: Envisat demonstrates combined imagery from dual sensors
24/10/2002 UN/ESA programme "trains the trainers" in Earth observation
22/10/2002 Happy birthday and congratulations Proba
27/09/2002 New Earth Observation Handbook released
09/09/2002 Latin America reaps development dividends with ESA Earth observation training
05/09/2002 Envisat Validation Campaign launches balloons over Sweden
04/09/2002 New Envisat images available
29/08/2002 Flawless launch of a super Meteosat
01/08/2002 Envisat Validation Campaign takes-off
25/06/2002 Envisat breaks the terabyte barrier
11/06/2002 ESA releases new set of Envisat Earth images
30/05/2002 ESA’s Chairmanship of CEOS
29/05/2002 ESA selects new Earth-Observation missions
26/04/2002 MetOp website goes live
23/03/2002 WMO celebrates 52 years
18/03/2002 "The first check-up of the Earth" - Media event at ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy
05/03/2002 Envisat prepares to start work
04/03/2002 Reflections on a launch
01/03/2002 Europe’s environmental eye soars into orbit
26/02/2002 ESA's Envisat satellite ready for lift-off
11/02/2002 Post Granada 2001 – EarthCARE, SPECTRA and WALES advance to Phase A
27/01/2002 Postcards from Kourou
24/01/2002 Envisat - the detail's in the data…
22/01/2002 First PROBA pictures promise wealth of environmental data
30/11/2001 Signatures herald start of GOCE Mission
24/10/2001 New views of Earth
02/10/2001 ERS-2 goes gyro-less
07/09/2001 Autumn - a busy time for GRID enthusiasts
17/07/2001 A decade of ERS Earth-watching
19/06/2001 Green Propellant for Space Propulsion
17/06/2001 ..and the winner is Anke Hartmanns!
23/05/2001 Environment satellite goes on tour
12/02/2001 First Earth Explorer Core Mission moves into gear
05/02/2001 Envisat's last weeks on European soil
18/01/2001 Envisat launch: only a few months to go!
11/11/2001 Europe's Environment Satellite
27/10/2000 Envisat launch: Win a chance to send your drawing into space!
26/10/2000 Contracts signed for the distribution of Earth observation data
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