Entry 11: Launch countdown rehearsed

SMOS and Proba-2 countdown rehearsal

29 October 2009 – The rehearsal of the countdown for the launch of SMOS and Proba-2 has taken place. The purpose of this simulation is to ensure that everything is in place for the day of launch – from the all-important operation and communication sequences and procedures to everyone involved knowing their positions.

The rehearsal took place at the Mission Control Centre in Mirny, just over 30 km from the Plesetsk launch pad and also involved the operations centres at CNES in Toulouse for SMOS and ESA’s ground station in Redu, Belgium for Proba-2.

SMOS team during countdown rehearsal
SMOS team during countdown rehearsal

The launch countdown rehearsal marks one of the last steps in the campaign prior to launch. The team are expecting to get the ‘green light’ from the Russian State Commission to fuel the launcher on Friday afternoon.

The weather remains wintery in Plesetsk, grey and cold – around 0°C – and snowy.

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