GOCE publications online

Drinkwater M.R., Haagmans R., Muzi D., Popescu A., Floberghagen R., Kern M., and Fehringer M. Proceedings of 3rd International GOCE User Workshop, 6-8 November, 2006, Frascati, Italy, ESA SP-627, 2007 (pdf, 657 Kb)

Drinkwater, M.R., Floberghagen R., Haagmans R., Muzi D., and Popescu A., 2003. GOCE: ESA's first Earth Explorer Core mission. In Beutler, G.B., Drinkwater M., Rummel R., and von Steiger R. (Eds.), Earth Gravity Field from Space - from Sensors to Earth Sciences. In the Space Sciences Series of ISSI, Vol. 18, 419-432, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Netherlands, ISBN: 1-4020-1408-2 (pdf, 520 Kb)

Rebhan, H., Aguirre M., Johannessen J., (2000). The Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer Mission - GOCE, ESA Earth Observation Quarterly 66: 6-11 (pdf, 311 Kb)

ESA (1999). Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Mission, ESA SP-1233(1), report for mission selection of the four candidate Earth Explorer missions.(pdf, 10.3 Mb)

Woodworth P.L., Johannessen J., Le Grand P., Le Provost C., Balmino G., Rummel R., Sabadini R., Sünkel H., Tscherning C., Visser P.,(1998). Towards the definitive space gravity mission, International WOCE Newsletter 33: 37-40 (pdf, 2.05 Mb)

ESA study reports

Tsoulis D. et al., 2011: Spectral analysis and interpretation of current satellite-only Earth gravity models by incorporating global terrain and crustal data, ESA Contract 22319/09/NL/CB (pdf 24.4 Mb)

Lux, M. et al., 2008: Gravity Improvement of Continental Slope and Shelf Ocean Circulation Modelling, ESA/ESTEC Contract 19740/06/NL/HE (pdf, 28.3 Mb)

Forsberg, R. et al., 2007: ARCGICE: Combination of Spaceborne, Airborne and In-Situ Gravity Measurements in Support of Arctic Sea-Ice Thickness Mapping, ESA Contract 18753/05/NL/CB (pdf 20.3 Mb)

Sünkel, H. (ed.) 2002: From Eötvös to mGal+, Final Report, ESA/ESTEC Contract 14287/00/NL/DC (pdf, 30.4 Mb)

Koop, R., Sünkel, H. (Eds.) and the European GOCE Gravity Consortium, 2002: GOCE: Preparation of the GOCE Level 1 to Level 2 Data Processing, Final Report, ESA/ESTEC Contract 14986/01/NL/DC. (pdf, 4.06 Mb)

Sünkel, H., 2002: Preparation of the GOCE Level 1 to Level 2 Data Processing, Executive Summary, ESA/ESTEC Contract 14986/01/NL/DC. (pdf, 405 Kb)

Sabadini R., Wingham D., Maier-Reimer E., 2002: Gravity and Sea Level, ESA-ESTEC Contract 12056/96/NL. (pdf, 3 Mb)

Sünkel, H. (ed.), 2000: From Eötvös to mGal, Final Report, ESA/ESTEC Contract 13392/98/NL/GD (pdf, 32.5 Mb)

Refinement of the Current Observation Requirements for GOCE, ESA/ESTEC Contract 13229/98/NL/GD, 1999 (Web report)

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