SMOS publications

Berger, M., Camps, A., Font, J., Kerr, Y., Miller, J., Johannessen, J., Boutin, J., Drinkwater, M.R., Skou, N., Floury, N., Rast, M., Rebhan, H., Attema, E., (2002). Measuring Ocean Salinity with ESA's SMOS Mission, ESA Bulletin 111, 113f.

Kerr, Y., Font, J., Waldteufel, P., Berger, M., (2000). The Second of ESA's Opportunity Missions: The Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission – SMOS, ESA Earth Observation Quarterly, 66, 18f.

SMOS Mission Objectives and Scientific Requirements, (2002) ESA.

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