Swarm products

Mission objectives

The Swarm mission is designed to measure the magnetic signals that stem from Earth’s core, mantle, crust, oceans, ionosphere and magnetosphere.

This will lead to better understanding of the processes that drive Earth’s dynamo, which currently appears to be weakening. By studying the complexities of Earth’s protective shield, Swarm will provide a clear insight into processes occurring inside the planet.

Along with measurements of conditions in the upper atmosphere, a better knowledge of the near-Earth environment and the Sun’s influence on the planet can be realised.

The mission will offer a unique view inside Earth to study:

  • Core dynamics, geodynamo processes and core–mantle interaction.
  • Magnetism of the lithosphere and its geological context.
  • 3D electrical conductivity of the mantle related to composition.
  • Magnetic signature related to ocean circulation.

In addition, Swarm data will be used to study the Sun’s influence on Earth system by:

  • Analysing electric currents in magnetosphere and ionosphere.
  • Understanding the impact of solar wind on dynamics of the upper atmosphere.
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