Service Module configuration

Exploded view of main subsystems (view 1)

The Service Module (SVM) is a 'box' shaped structure that interfaces with both the launch vehicle and the Payload module. The SVM design is based on the Envisat/SPOT 5.

The SVM provides all the standard service functions:

Exploded view of the main subsystems (view 2)

Attitude and orbit control:

To maintain accurate Earth-pointing during the various operational modes.

To perform orbit acquisition and maintenance. This includes propulsion, for orbit and dedicated manoeuvres, as well as propellant storage.

Electrical power generation through:

  • the solar array
  • storage
  • conditioning
  • overall distribution

Command and Control

Distribution of on-ground and on-board generated commands, and collection of housekeeping telemetry data for transmission to ground through the S-band link.

Ground Communication using central on-board software for:

  • telemetry generation
  • telecommand processing
  • various application functions like thermal control, on-board surveillance, automatic command sequencing

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