Facts & figures

Dimensions 6.2x3.4x3.4 metres (under the launcher fairing)
17.6x6.5x5.2 metres (deployed in orbit)
Orbit Sun-synchronous orbit
09.30 mean local solar time (Equator crossing, descending node)
Inclination 98.7 degrees to the Equator
Time for one orbit 101 minutes
Repeat cycle 29 days
Mean altitude Approximately 817 km
Mass 4093 Kg
Payload mass 931 Kg
Power 1812 W average power consumption (end-of-life)
Launch MetOp-A: 19 October 2006
MetOp-B: 19 September 2012
from Baikonur Space Centre in Kazakhstan
Launch vehicle Soyuz-ST Fregat
Mission duration Six months of commissioning followed by 4.5 years operational mission
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