GOME-2 overview

Measurement principle: GOME-2 collecting solar radiation
Measurement principle: GOME-2 collecting solar radiation

The Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME-2) is a nadir-viewing spectrometer that observes solar radiation transmitted or scattered from the Earth atmosphere or from its surface.

The instrument is set-up as a double spectrometer. This meets the requirement for:

  • spectral coverage from in the ultraviolet and visible spectral region (240 to 790 nm)
  • good spectral resolution (0.2 to 0.4 nm)
  • proper straylight performance in its channels

GOME-2 is split into the functional units:

  • double Spectrometer
  • Polarisation unit (PU) with s- and p-channel
  • Calibration unit for in-orbit calibration
  • Focal Plane Assemblies with 1024 detector array and coolers
  • Scan unit for across-track Earth scanning and view to calibration sources
  • Control and Data Handling Unit

For detailed specifications, see the performance table. 

GOME-2 measures

  • backscattered Earth radiance and Sun irradiance using its Ultra-violet, visible and near infrared double spectrometer
  • s- and p- polarized light with medium resolution
  • total column of ozone and nitrogen dioxide and other minor trace gases (like Sulphur dioxide (SO2), bromine oxide (BrO), chlorine dioxide (OClO) and formaldehyde (CH2O)
  • ozone profiles of our atmosphere

GOME-2 has a spatial resolution of 40 x 40 km² for a 960 km swath and 40 x 5 km² for the polarisation measurements. The GOME-2 instantaneous field of view at about 40 km x 4 km, is equivalent to 2.8° x 0.29°. The instrument uses a scanning mirror that scans across the satellite track. With a 960 km scan, global coverage can be achieved within three days.

On-ground calibration is required to achieve radiometric calibration and to account for the effects of straylight. Radiometric results are derived through ground processing of measured radiance and irradiance.

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