SARR performance

The SARR receivers have the following performance characteristics.

Centre frequency 121.50 MHz 243.00 MHz 406.05 MHz
Bandwidth ± 20 kHz ± 30 kHz ± 80.0 kHz
Antenna polarization (ref.) RHCP
(Right Hand Circle Polarization)

The SARR transmitter pallet contains two transmitters and various discrete components. Its performance characteristics are the following:

Carrier frequency 1544.5 MHz
Bandwidth (RF) ± 400 kHz
Antenna polarization (ref.) LHCP
(Left Hand Circle Polarization)

SARR products

The Search and Rescue Repeater (SARR) is one of the non-meteorological instruments on MetOp. It has been added to the payload based on inter-agency agreement (NOAA/COSPAS/Eumetsat) to guarantee continuity of the Search and Rescue System. As such the instrument does not provide a 'product' as the meteorological instruments do. Its value to the MetOp mission is to continue the search and rescue service.

Last update: 29 June 2006

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