A-DCS performance & products

Advanced Data Collection System applications

One of the major tasks of the A-DCS is to provide meteorological measurements data (e.g. temperatures, wind direction and force) from remote buoys to the meteorological community. The weather experts use these data as inputs into their complex weather forecast algorithms. In addition A-DCS products serve expeditions and environmentalists, as outlined in the overall description of the instrument.

  • Data Collection Platform (DCP) messages can be received and processed down to a S/N of 34 dB.Hz
  • three 4,800 bps messages can be received and processed in parallel
  • nine 400 bps messages can be received and processed in parallel
  • receiver bandwidth is 110 kHz
  • frequency is measured with an 200 mHz accuracy
  • time-tagging accuracy is 50 microseconds
  • satellite to DCP down-link bit rate is 400 bps

The location accuracy possible with the information provided by the instrument is a few hundred metres depending upon the transmission characteristics and the satellite DCP geometry.

Last update: 28 June 2006

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