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The stations below comprise ESTRACK's Core Network. Each station hosts one or more terminals, each of which comprises an antenna and its associated signal processing equipment.

Stations are additionally equipped with sophisticated control systems, telecommunications, no-break power plants, control rooms and other infrastructure.

For routine operations, stations are operated remotely from the ESTRACK Control Centre (ECC) at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), Darmstadt, Germany. They may be staffed by engineers during critical mission periods such as the Launch and Early Orbit (LEOP) Phase, planetary orbit entry or other manoeuvres.

ESTRACK Core Network stations

Station Location Terminal(s)
Kiruna Salmijärvi, Sweden KIR-1 (15m)
KIR-2 (13m)
Kourou Kourou, French Guiana KRU-1 (15m)
Maspalomas Montaña Blanca
Canary Islands, Spain
MSP-1 (15m)
Perth Perth, Western Australia, Australia PER-1 (15m)
Redu Redu, Belgium REDU-1 (15m)
REDU-2 (13.5m)
REDU-3 (2.4m)
Santa Maria Santa Maria, Azores SMA-1 (5.5m)
Villafranca Villafranca del Castillo
(Madrid), Spain
VIL-1 (15m)
VIL-2 (15m)
New Norcia (DSA 1) New Norcia, Western Australia, Australia NNO-1 (35m)
Cebreros (DSA 2) Avila, Spain CEB-1 (35m)

ESTRACK Augmented Network

Augmented stations are operated by external organisations on behalf of ESA.

Station Location Terminal(s)
Malindi Kenya MAL-1 (10m)
Santiago Chile AGO-1 (12/9/7m)
Svalbard Spitzbergen, Norway SG-3 (13m)

Malindi is operated by the University of Rome & Italian Space Agency (ASI), Santiago is operated by the University of Chile's Center for Space Studies, and Svalbard is operated by Norwegian Space Centre/Kongsberg Satellite Services.

ESTRACK Cooperative Network

Additional ESTRACK Cooperative Network stations are provided on a resource-sharing basis by other organisations, including CNES (France), DLR (Germany), NASA's Deep Space Network and Goddard Space Flight Centre and JAXA (Japan).

These stations typically include Esrange (ESR), in Sweden; Kerguelen (KER), on Kerguelen Island; and the NASA stations at Goldstone (SPC-10), Canberra (SPC-40) and Robledo/Madrid (SPC-60).

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