SSA team

ESA's SSA Programme is managed by the Agency's Directorate of Human Spaceflight & Operations.

The SSA Programme Office is located at ESAC, the European Space Astronomy Centre, Spain. The programme receives crucial support from teams of engineers, scientists and experts located throughout the Agency and from partner agencies and organisations within ESA Member States.

SSA is also strongly supported by European industrial partners providing a wide range of expertise.

SSA Programme Office

The Programme Office includes the 'core team' comprising the SSA Programme Manager working together with a number of specialists dedicated to the development of SSA systems and infrastructure.

The team is based at ESAC, near Madrid, Spain.

One of the core team's critical activities is to communicate with potential partners, European national governments, scientific and research institutions and future customers to identify potential assets that may be federated into the European SSA system with national agreement.

The team are also working to define customer requirements precisely. Both activities are helping ensure that Europe's SSA system will be implemented in a cost-effective manner without duplication of effort.

ESA-wide support

In addition to the SSA Programme team, SSA activities receive crucial support provided by staff and industrial experts located at all major ESA Establishments who work in a wide range of functional areas.

These include:

  • Ground segment engineering and development
  • Space weather research and development
  • Space debris and meteoroid research
  • Orbital and re-entry modelling and prediction
  • Advanced concepts and application development
  • Near Earth object research and asteroid studies
  • Spaceguard Central Node
  • Current and future EO, scientific and telecom mission definition (for on-board sensor flight opportunities)
  • Legal and external affairs
  • Strategy and management
  • EU, EC and international relations

In addition, numerous SSA-related studies are being conducted via the Agency's General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) and Basic Technology Research Programme (TRP).


Emmet Fletcher
Head, SSA-SST Segment
emmet.fletcher [@]
Tel. +34 91 81 31 508

Juha-Pekka Luntama
Head, SSA-SWE Segment
juha-pekka.luntama [@]
Tel. +34 91 81 31 507

Detlef Koschny
Head, SSA-NEO Segment
detlef.koschny [@]
Tel. +31 71 565 4828

Gian Maria Pinna
SSA Ground Segment Manager
GianMaria.Pinna [@]
Tel. +34 91 81 31 209

Serge Moulin
SSA Governance & Data Policy Manager
serge.moulin [@]
Tel. +34 91 81 31 513

Last update: 1 April 2013

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