About SSA-NEO Coordination Centre

ESA’s NEO Coordination Centre (NEOCC) is operated by Space Dynamics Services S.r.l. (SpaceDys) under a contract with Elecnor Deimos, Spain, on behalf of the Agency’s SSA Programme Office. 

It serves as the central access point to a network of European NEO data sources and information providers being established under ESA’s Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Programme.

The Centre supports experts in the field by federating new and existing European assets, systems and sensors into a future NEO system. It supports the integration and initial operation of ESA’s NEO information distribution network.

The Centre also served as the focus point for scientific studies needed to improve NEO warning services and provide near-real-time data to European and international customers, including scientific bodies, international organisations and decision-makers.

ESA’s SSA Programme was authorised at the November 2008 Ministerial Council and formally launched on 1 January 2009. The mandate and funding were extended at the 2012 Ministerial Council until 2016.

SSA aims to support Europe's independent utilisation of, and access to, space through the provision of timely and accurate information and data regarding the space environment, and particularly regarding hazards to infrastructure in orbit and on the ground.

In general, these hazards stem from possible collisions between objects in orbit, harmful space weather and potential strikes by natural objects, such as asteroids, that cross Earth’s orbit.

To undertake these activities, the programme is federating existing assets and capabilities from ESA, European and international partners into a set of unified SSA capabilities in the areas of space weather, near-Earth objects and space debris surveillance.


Dr. Detlef Koschny
Head NEO Segment, SSA Programme Office
ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 71 565 4828
detlef.koschny @ esa.int


Dr. Gerhard Drolshagen
NEO Segment, SSA Programme Office
ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 71 565 4316
gerhard.drolshagen @ esa.int 

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