This forum will present the most recent client for the MUST system, the WebMUST App.


The WebMUST application is an evolution of the web client interface started in the frame of the SEISOP (Space Environment Information System for Operations) project and has since then been developed in close collaboration with the mission teams at ESOC. 

WebMUST is based on state of the art open web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). WebMUST allows operators of the mission teams to graphically view and interact with spacecraft telemetry and other types of ancillary mission data, as well as the use of other Apps like Reporting, DrMUST and Novelty Detection. The only requirement for the end user is a web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

The webMUST presentation includes the following:

  • Insights on the technologies and concepts behind this App
  • A hands-on demonstration
  • An assessment of the tool by the Venus Express flight control team
  • An outlook on the ongoing process to interface webMUST with ARES

Interested members of industry and academia are welcome to take part. To attend, please contact Marita Roth at ESOC (see details below).

Date, time, venue

HSO Exchange presentation

Friday, 8 February 2013, 12:00-13:00
ESA/ESOC Darmstadt, H-Bldg H-I


Participation is open to anyone.

  1. Participants from within ESOC:
    No need to register - simply join us in H-I.

  2. Participants from other sites:
    The presentation can be made available via VC. Please register with Marita Roth.


Marita Roth, HSO Exchange Coordinator
Tel: +49 (0)6151-90-2107

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