Short description: The ESA Ground Segment CFDP implementation of the CCSDS File Delivery Protocol provides a Java library and a CFDP daemon for reliable and unreliable file transfer between space and ground.


The ESA Ground Segment CFDP implementation provides a full implementation of the CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CCSDS 727.0-B-4, January 2007). 

Possible deployment with several CFDP clients connecting to a CFDP server

The implementation includes:

  • Support for all CFDP classes (1-4) and Store-and-Forward-Overlay as sender and receiver
  • TCP, UDP and space packet communication layers
  • Linux/Windows native and FARC filestore implementations
  • Well-defined interfaces for adding additional communication layers and filestore implementations
  • Java and CORBA interfaces to the CFDP User
  • A CFDP daemon that can run stand-alone and a command line interface (e.g., to be used in scripts)
  • A graphical user interface for testing purposes
  • A (simple) file transfer priority scheme
  • An extensible authentication module
  • A UDP communication bridge with fault insertion for testing purposes

The software is completely implemented in Java and has been fully validated on SLES 11 against the ESTEC CFDP Reference Implementation (SLES 12 will be supported from 2016 on). 

It has been used for various studies also on top of DTN communication stacks. The ESA Ground Segment CFDP implementation will be used operationally for ESA missions like OPS-SAT, Euclid and JUICE.

Last update: 18 March 2016

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