Study Reports

In this page you can find the list of the completed GSP studies ordered by starting date.

Some documents are not available to the public because they are confidential.

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C4000106441      Assisted surgery for Space Exploration
C4000106577      MImOSA: Monitoring the Ionosphere Over South America
C4000107616      Automated Biomonitoring of Air and Water quality in Human Spacecraft
C4000108222      Climate Tipping Points Detection and Analysis of Patterns using an Ordinal Regression Approach
C4000108683      OPS-SAT PHASE A/B1
C4000104572      Analogue Transformational Acoustic: An alternative theoretical framework for acoustic metamaterials
C4000105591      Star Tracker for Asteroid search
C4000107026      Space-Aeronautics Synergies
C4000106517      Fragmentation consequence analysis for LEO and GEO orbits DEBRIS
C4000104175      Microwave propagation toolbox for planetary atmospheres
C4000107193      11-10/075 Helicon Plasma thruster for Space Missions
C4000108835      Application of a Bit Torrent-like protocol and data distribution model to mission operations



C4000104716      Concepts for activities in the field for exploration (CAFE). For the deliverable Catalogue of Planetary Analogues click here.
C4000107642      Mars Hopper Concept Technologies
C4000105467      CCN to 4000105467: Lunar Dust, Plasma, Waves and Fields Package for Lunar Exploration (L-DEPP)
C4000107618      End-of-Life Disposal Concepts for Lagrange-Points and HEO Missions
C4000107624      End-Of-Life Disposal Concepts for Lagrange-Point and HEO Missions
C4000107841      Business case analysis of a Multi-Functional In-Flight Experimental System



C4000104174      Electrodynamics Study of Upper Atmosphere in support to Future MLTI missions
C4000104163      Biofeedback suit with integrated artificial muscles for medical monitoring and countermeasure support (DYNASUIT)
C4000106816      Assessment of UK participation to the ELIPS programme

SYSNOVA 12/X01 contactless Earth-bound object orbit modification system COBRA and 12/X03 binary asteroid orbit modification system BEAST  


     SYSNOVA 12/X02 contactless asteroid orbit modification system MOSAIC and 12/X03 binary asteroid orbit modification KABOOM                   




SYSNOVA 12/X02 contactless asteroid orbit modification system LIGHT TOUCH2

C4000105341      Assessment study of ECHO
C4000105465      Hybrid Propulsion Transfer Strategies
C4000106174      Deep Space Navigation with Pulsars
C4000105593      Atom Interferometry Test of the Weak Equivalence Principle in Space parallel studies
C4000105567      Atom Interferometry Test of the Weak Equivalence Principle in Space
C4000106817      Potential interest of microbial food for crewed mission
C4000106579      Alcantara: Ionospheric ground-based monitoring network in low-latitude regions: Africa MEDSTEC
C4000105938      Deep Space Navigation with Pulsars
C4000106577      Alcantara: Ionospheric ground-based monitoring network in low-latitude regions: South-America
 C4000105988      Mimicking the thigmotropic behaviour of climbing plants to design a tactile-based grasping device for the space environment ARIADNA 2011/02 Call for Proposals
C4000106314      Studying panoramic cameras for lunar exploration (LCAM)
C4000106576      Alcantara: Ionospheric ground-based monitoring network in low-latitude regions: Africa
C4000106578      Alcantara: Ionospheric ground-based monitoring network in low-latitude regions: South-East Asia and Pacific
C4000105753      Passive discharging of electrical potential by electron field emission
C4000106393      Assessment Studies for Space Based Space Surveillance (SBSS) Demonstration Mission
C4000106392      Assessment Studies for Space Based Space Surveillance (SBSS) Demonstration Mission
C4000105452      Requirements from Maritime Security and Disaster Management for a geostationary high-resolution mission (GEO-HR)
C4000106316      Interplanetary Micrometeoroid Environment for eXploration (IMEX, NEMS)
C4000105637      CarbonSat Earth Explorer 8 Candidate Mission - Inverse Modelling and Mission Performance Study (LOGOFLUX)
C4000106662      DATACHUNKS2GO: secure utilisation of computing capacity of a large number of computers over the internet for distributed processing of significantly large amount of security
C4000106764      ARIADNA - Self-burial strategy and performance in Erodium cicutarium SeeDriller
C4000107112      Weak GNSS Signal Navigation on the Moon
C4200021790      Thermodynamics and Transport Properties of Atomic-Hydrogen Plasma CCN1 to c 42*21790
C4000105987      Probabilistic Computing for Efficient Robotic Vision in Space
C4000106313      Laser-Plasma Accelerations Potential to Radically Transform Space Radiation Testing
C4000106174 Deep Space Navigation with Pulsars
C4000105593 Atom Interferometry Test of the Weak Equivalence Principle in Space parallel studies
C4000106510 Feasibility studies of a new European Launch Service
C4000108326 Safety for Spacecraft Crashworthiness and Crew Survivability
C4000104716 Concepts for Activities in the Field for Exploration (CAFE)
C4000105567 Atom Interferometry Test of the Weak Equivalence Principle in Space
C4000106817 Potential interest of microbial food for crewed mission
C4000102097 Feasibility investigation of global ocean surface current mapping using ERS, MetOp and QuikScat windscatterometer
C4000106522 Moon and Asteroid Sample Return Facility STUDY
C4000106816   Assessment of UK participation to the ELIPS Programme
C4000105516   IAP Assessment Dossier for the 2012 Ministerial Conference and the Preparation of IAP Phase II
C4000106980   SYSNOVA 12/X03 Binary Asteroid Orbit Modification System BEAST
C4000106980   SYSNOVA 12/X01 Contactless Earth-bound Object Orbit Modification System COBRA 12/X03
C4000107023   SYSNOVA 12/X03 Binary Asteroid Orbit Modification KABOOM
C4000107023   SYSNOVA 12/X02 Contactless Asteroid Orbit Modification System MOSAIC
C4000107024   SYSNOVA 12/X02 Contactless Asteroid Orbit Modification System Light touch2
C4000105368   Assessment study of STE-Quest
C4000105366   Assessment study of STE-Quest
C4000106816   Assessment of UK participation to the ELIPS Programme
C4000105341   Assessment study of ECHO
C4000105465   Hybrid Propulsion Transfer Strategies



C4000104412 Interactive Visual Analysis of 4-dimensional Fields Processes & Dynamics
C4000104172 NYX a nighttime imaging mission for mapping the spatial distribution of human population on a global basis
C4000102735   MREP: Assessment Study of a Mars sample return orbiter mission segment (parallel study)
C102979   A surface reflectance database for ESA’s Earth Observation missions
C4000103149   Dust Microscopy and Chemistry Package for Lunar Exploration (L-DAP)
C4000102889   Smart Telemetry Demonstration 
C103209   European Space Industry: Activity Forecast
C103154   European Space Industry: Activity Forecast
C103623   Design of a Research Methodology to Evaluate the direct and Indirect Economic and Social Benefits of Public Investment in Space
C103624   Design of a Research Methodology to Evaluate the direct and Indirect Economic and Social Benefits of Public Investment in Space
C4000103352   Lunar Dust, Plasma, Waves and Fields Package for Lunar Exploration (L-DEPP) 
C103345   Lunar Volatiles Package for Lunar Exploration (L-VRAP)
C103351   Lunar Dust, Plasma, Waves and Fields Package for Lunar Exploration (L-DEPP)
C4000103161   Ariadna: Trajectory Optimisation under Uncertainties
C103350   Lunar Dust, Plasma, Waves and Fields Package for Lunar Exploration (L-DEPP)
C4000104571   Analytical perturbative theories of motion in highly inhomogeneous gravitational fields
C102959   Laser Altimeter
C102900   Smart Telemetry Demonstration 
C104602   The Contribution of Space Technologies to Arctic Priorities
C103209   Èuropean Space Sector Forecast
C4200019926   Health and Telemedicine via Satellite - Demonstrations for the transition phase - Health Early Warning CCN3
C4000104455   Study on future Multiple uplink per aperture access schemes
C4000104573   Analogue Transformational Acoustic: An alternative theoretical framework for acoustic metamaterials (ARIADNA)
C4000104572   Analogue Transformational Acoustic: An alternative theoretical framework for acoustic metamaterials (ARIADNA)
C4000104180   Experimental Evaluation of Quantum Teleportation for Space Systems
C4000105079   Modelling Solid Propulsion Stages
C4000104423   Interactive Visual Analysis of 4-dimensional Fields Processes &   Dynamics
C4000104164   Autonomous Microscope for Examination of Radiation Effects (AMERE)
C4000103967   EGEP ID 51A & 51B GNSS-R Feasibility Study (PHASE A)
C4000104547   EO processing library  (former:   End-to-end simulation framwork for EO missions)
C4000104791   Commonality of Ground Systems for Operations and Development
C4000104412   Interactive Visual Analysis of 4-dimensional Fields Processes &   Dynamics
C4000104986   Feasibility of using nanotechnology to improve TIR satellite imagers
C4000102721   MREP: Assessment study of a Mars Sample Return Orbiter Mission Segment (parallel study)
C21600    Identification and analysis of MEO observation strategies for a future European space surveillance system



C4000102112 Universal parts Fabricator-Replicator for Space Applications
C4000101605 Towards the Intercalibration of Multi-Spectral Imagers for Planetary Observation System of Systems
C4200023121 Responsive Space Systems Engineering methods and tools (RSSE)
C4000101341 Scientific Assessment of Fine Scale Altimetry using a Constellation of Small Satellites
 C22710 Ariadna: Path Planning Strategies Inspired by Swarm Behaviour of Plant Root Apexes
C22513 Advanced Knowledge Management Systems for Space Operations
C22396 Radiocomm signals: a new way of probing the surface of planets
C22299 Providing LEO Spacecraft TTC Service
C21951 Ariadna: Neuromorphic Computation of Optic Flow Data
C21445 Definition and Prototyping of a Statistical End-To-End Performance Simulator for Optical Imaging Sensors
C20735 Operational Navigation Concepts for Low-Thrust Mission
C20528 Optical Flow Navigations Systems For Landing
C20226 A Physical Model for Analysing the Geometric Errors of Remote Sensing Imagery
C16745 Transport Properties of High-Temperature Air Species in the Presence of the Electromagnetic Field



4200023001 ASSIST – Assessment and Evaluation Tools for Telemedicine
C22709 Mapping the spacetime metric with a Global Navigation Satellite System
C22448 Feasibility study on satellite-unmanned airborne systems cooperative approaches for the improvemnent of all-weather day and night operations
C22453 Re-Entry Black-Box
C22450 Using Actions for PI Activity Negotiations
C22449 Satellite-unmanned airborne systems cooperative approaches for the improvement of all-weather day and night operations
C22395 Online game technology for space education and system analysis
C22371 Towards 1 M Resolution from GEO
C22352 Knowledge capitalization in a concurrent engineering environment: an application to capture expert know-how for re(use) in mission design processes
Fractionated satellites
MEMS-based Electric Propulsion
C22118 Application of LEAN Engineering Principles to Space Mission Development
Assessment study of Marco Polo Medium class mission - Cosmic Vision 2015-2025
Assessment study of Marco Polo Medium class mission - Cosmic Vision 2015-2025
Assessment study of Marco Polo Medium class mission - Cosmic Vision 2015-2025
C21839 Satellite-UAV Cooperative Missions: Status and Outlook (parallel contract)
C21829 Satellite-UAV Cooperative Missions: Status and Outlook (parallel contract)
C21396 A spontaneous Rayleigh-Brillouin scattering experiment for the characterization of atmospheric LIDAR backscatter
In flight research on radiation / ablation coupling filling a 40 year gap after FIRE2
C21319 A Novel Approach For Wide-Band SAR Interferometry
C21096 Geo-Oculus. A mission for real-time monitoring through high-resolution imaging from geostationary orbit.
C20216 Advanced Planning and Scheduling Initiative (APSI). Final report.



  C21958 Quantifying the landing reaction of cockroaches
C21950 Neuromorphic computation of optic flow data
C21949 Curiosity cloning. Neural modelling for image analysis.
C21948 Curiosity cloning. Neural modelling for image analysis utilizing cheap commodity EEG hardware.
Possible "Multiplier effect" of ESA R&D budgets
C21785 NDTM
C21784 New design techniques and methodologies. Application and applicability assessment for European space sector.
C21781 SPICA telescope assembly assessment phase study
C21780 SPICA telescope assessment study
C21734 High lift-over-drag Earth re-entry strategies for Exploration Missions (HILIFT)
C21686 Micro/mini-satellite interplanetary mission PROBA-IP
C21585 ETECA. Expert tool to support crew autonomous operations in complex human spacecraft.
C21584 CET IO: Crew Expert Tool to support autonomous operations in complex human spacecraft
C21487 Aerosols and clouds: long term database from spaceborne lidar measurements
C21488 Earth Observation (EO) Technology Demonstrator Study
C21443 Study on suitable governance and data policy models for a European Space Situational Awareness (SSA) system
Radiative transfer modelling for the characterization of natural burnt surfaces
In flight research on radiation / ablation coupling filling a 40 year gap after FIRE2
C21318 Wideband SAR Interferometry

Towards a Generic Radiative Transfer Model for the Earth Surface-Atmosphere System
Interference Information System (IIS) and Interference Local Isolation (ILS) Methods for Satellite Navigation
C21058 GLEME: Global Lidar Exploration of the Mesosphere
C20782 Determination of asteroid fragmentation energy from an impactor and post-fragmentation dynamics
C20271 NEO Encounter 2029. Orbital Prediction via Differential Algebra and Taylor Models.
C19961 ACRAS. Advanced Concepts for Radar Sounders.
C19032 Influence of gas-mixture compressibility on the reaction rates in chemically reactive flows



C21533      CAMELOT
A Spontaneous Rayleigh-Brillouin Scattering Experiment for the Characterization of Atmospheric Lidar backscatter
C21322 Technical Assistance for Iris Communication Standards Evaluation
C21259 Dynamics and stability of tethered satellites at Lagrangian points
C21258 Non-perturbative effects in complex gravitationally bound systems
Gossip-based Strategies in Global Optimisation
C21251 Autonomous Image Processing Chain (AIPC)
C21233 Auto-rotation in Martian Descent and Landing (AMDL)
C21231 Combined Telecommunication and Earth Observation Mission driven option for small Hall Effect Thrusters (HET) propulsion
C21216 Tracer behaviour under microgravity and terrestrial conditions
C21205 System of Systems Refence Models
C21066 The SYNDEE project
C21063 Novel time synchronisation techniques for deep space probes
C21022 Air density models derived from multi-satellite drag observations
Space industry workload forecast tool
C20839 Observation techniques and mission concepts for analysis of the global carbon cycle
C20782 Asteroid Centrifugal Fragmentation
C20765 Evolving a collective consciousness for a swarm of Pico satellites
C20762 Feasibility study for a reduced planetary navigation and communication system PLANCOM
C20737 Advanced mission operations concepts and technologies for future ESA missions
C20729 Assessing SAR calibration requirements using geophysical retrieval algorithms
C20711 Optimisation of the oxygen and water vapour sounding channels' spectral and radiometric requirements for cross-track and conically scanning radiometers
C20678 Assessment of vegetation photosynthesis through observation of solar induced fluorescence from space
C20663 Application for aperture synthesis techniques for imaging in Earth Observation and Science
C20645 Round Trip Engineering (RTE)
C20644 Round Trip Engineering of space systems
C20360 Distributed power grid management based on space technologies
C20218 Diffusing information and collaboration technologies in ESA
C19694 Understanding of the physics and numerical simulation of helicon double layer thruster concept



Optical Flow Navigations Systems For Landing
C20470 Attitude estimation systems, requirements on sensor suite
C20469 Study of new architecture needs for AOCS/Avionics
C20403 Monitoring and modelling individual sources of mass distribution and transport in the Earth system by means of satellites. Final report.
C20394 ESA Parachant project
C20360 Distributed power grid management based on space technologies
C20342 Study of European privately-funded vehicles for commercial human space flight
C20235 Feasibility study of a Wide Area High-precision Navigation Service (WARTK) for EGNOS and Galileo (FES-WARTK)
C20228 Space instrument design modelling in a concurrent engineering approach study
C20183 High accuracy absolute long distance measurements using fs-laser metrology
C20105 GNSSPLUS. Final report.
C20050 CArbon flux Modelling using Earth observation Land products for Initiation and by Assimilation (CAMELIA)
C20033 Application of concurrent engineering methodologies to improve the treatment of anomalies during a project life-cycle
C20015 PROBA-3. Formation Flying Demonstration Mission.
C20014 PROBA-3 Phase A Study
C19998 Benefit from applications using spacebased tools for HIV/AIDS related program management
C19905 Techniques to improve spacecraft monitoring and lessons learned based on onboard visual systems
C19838 Study on the feasibility and applications of optical clocks as frequency and time references in ESA Deep Space Stations
C19837 Feasibility and applications of optical clocks as frequency and time references in ESA Deep Space Stations
C19737 XEUS payload accommodation study
C19333 Darwin system assessment study
C18178 "Roby Space" an Autonomous Mobile Mini Robot for the Project "Robotic Experiment on Japanese Sounding Rocket"



C19332        Darwin system assessment study
C19255 Single Aperture Four Electrode (SAFE/DS4G) Thruster
C19173 Use of bi-static microwave measurements for earth observation
C18877 Biomass-based Fuel Cells for Manned Space Exploration
C18805 Quantum information and quatum physics in space: experimental evalutation (QIPS)
C18753 Combination of spaceborne, airborne and in-situ gravity measurements in support of arctic sea ice thickness mapping
C18652 Study of auxiliary direct visualization of information tools for space application
C18456 Laser Doppler Interferometry Mission for determination of the Earth's gravity field
C18271 Study of Remote Sensing Spacecraft with Electric Propulsion
C18085 Binocular Telescope Study
C17173 Application of higher order derivatives methods to stochastic structural analysis



C18614    Study on methods to increase efficiency of applied field magneto - plasma - dynamic thruster operating in the 10-100 kW range
C18609 Photonic Crystal Fibres for Space Applications
C18560 Advances in atmospheric chemistry and dynamics research by development of coupled chemical-dynamical data assimilation
C18474 Nano satellite beacons for space weather monitoring
C18473 Plasma laboratory in space
C18467 Photonic propulsion
C18461 Sponge Iron Process for Manned Space Exploration
C18459 Cost benefit study for the space weather applications pilot project
C18458 Application of Cluster fragmentation ion sources for electric propulsion system
C18456 Laser Doppler Interferometry Mission for determination of the Earth's Gravity Field
C18453 Influence of solar activity cycles on Earth's climate
C18442 X-FAST. Advanced Space Transportation.
C18378 System applications and realisation of novel deployable antenna concepts for future development and tests
C18369 Radio Astronomy at Schools
C18316 Space systems for on-line flexible science operations
ATV Evolution
C18302 Study of techniques and sensors for observation of extreme weather events
C18244 Study on the use of Electric Propulsion Systems as communications beacons
C18203 Bionics and Space System Design
C18192 Frequency Monitoring Package (FMP). Final report.
C18178 "Roby Space". An Autnonomous Mobile Mini Robot for the Project "Robotic Experiment on Japanese Sounding Rocket".
C18176 Synergetic aspects and auxiliary data concepts for sea surface salinity measurments from space
C18171 Key Advanced Researched for Identification and Neutralisation (KARIN)
C18171 Spaceworthy compact MRI scanner concept using high temperature superconducting RF coils
C18131 Materials report 4476 - Enabling self-healing capabilities - a small step to bio-mimetic materials
C18104 THEmatic Vertival Organisations and Implementation of Collaborative Environments (THE VOICE)
C18086 Study on the Impact of Ergonomics and Autonomy Criteria on the Design of ECLSS Hardware
C18073 Ground Station Interoperability Project
C18072 ITF - Study Intelligent Test Framework for SCOS-2000
C18044 Pilot Experiment with Evpatoria 70 m Antenna in Ukraine, Preparation for Reception of S-X band Data from Deep Space Missions
C17917 Assessment of potential use of cellular materials for space applications
C17893 Polarimetric and interferometric mission and application study
C17852 FACTS. Future Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Testing from Space.
C17772 Angular Distribution Models (ADMs)
C17668 Fast Approximate Fourier Transform for Irregular Sampled Satellite Signals
C17607 Phase A Study of ExoMars Mission (Parallel Contract)
C17606 Phase A Study of ExoMars Mission (Parallel Contract)
C17605 Phase A Study of ExoMars Mission
C17566 Pre-phase A Study of Earth Reentry Vehicle/Capsule
C17565 Pre-phase A Study of Earth Reentry Vehicle/Capsule
C17564 Potential for cooperation between RKA and ESA in the Area of Exploration
C17552 Developments in Spacecraft Debris Protection Optimisation
C17508 Flashing fields! A preliminary investigation
C17429 Advanced control techniques for autonomous satellites
C17030 Soyuz-TMA in French-Guiana
C16365 Development of a Vegetation Fluorescence Canopy Model
C16338 LOBSTER-ISS Phase A studies



C17890          Experimental detection of the gravitomagnetic London moment
C17855 Enabling self-healing capabilities. A small step to biomimetic materials.
C17844 European launchers and electric propulsion spacecraft: building up the perfect relationship
C17766 Accommodation of a Quantum Communication Transceiver in an Optical Terminal
C17761 Solar Power Satellite. SPS-REPOSE Study.
C17744 Study to Identify Detector Systems for Small Low Energy Particle Detector Instruments
C17690 ECOFIRE study on scientific assessment of space-borne high temperature event observing mission concepts
C17684 Particle Nucleation Facility for Supercritical Media
C17682 Earth and Space-Based Power Generation Systems. A comparison study.
C17659 Definition of a formation flying demonstration mission
C17643 Solar Kite Mission Feasibility Study
C17615 Solar Power from Space: European Strategy in the Light of Sustainable Development. Phase 1: Earth and Spaced based power generation systems.
C17566 Aurora programme. Earth Vehicle Demonstrator.
C17564 Study on potential for co-operation between Roskosmos and ESA in the area of space exploration
C17463 Novel tracking techniques for ESA's future deep-space missions
C17453 Study aimed to analyse the feasibility to implement component related models within the GEANT 4 package
C17387 Development of a rigorous macroscopic theory of gas/surface interaction in hypersonic re-entry flows
C17384 Floating Bare Tether as Upper-Atmosphere Probe
C17369 Zodiacal Infrared Foreground MODEL
C17367 Ultra-stable ground frequency dissemination via optical fibres
C17335 Assessment of the validity range of microwave interaction models
C17334 Synergetic Use of RS Data in Coupled Ocean-Ice-Atmosphere Model Data Assimilation
C17322 Metholodogy for Modelling of Cryocoolers for System Level Mission Analysis
C17301 Study on nuclear space reactor development (SURE)
C17283 High-Temperature Thermodynamic Properties of Mars-Atmosphere Components
C17237 CAPACITY. Composition of the Atmosphere: Progress to Applications in the User CommunITY
C17222 Spacecraft SWARMS: Feasibility and Applications
C17211 Engineering Support on Rover Locomotion for ExoMars Rover Phase A
C17169 Impact of the Accuracy of Variables Retrievable from Multi-angular, Hyperspectral Observation on Ecosystem Model Performance
C17162 "ThermOSS". Applicability of the OSS Methodology to Space Thermal Engineering
C17034 GEOSHAFT Pilot Space Weather Service
C17033 Pilot project for space weather applications. Daily Ionospheric Forecasting Service (DIFS).
C17032 Geomagnetic Indices Forecasting and Ionospheric Nowcasting Tools
C16985 Solar Wind Monitoring and Induction Modelling for Induced Currents (SWIMIC)
C16984 Auroras Now!
C16983 GAFS. Geomagnetic Activity Forecast Service.
C16982 GPS validation project to identify and validate the effects of space weather on GPS radio occultation data
C13420 Electromagnetic Railgun Technology for the Deployment of Small Sub-/Orbital Payloads



C17002       Square KM Array Study
C16964 ESA pilot project for space weather applications. Quickmaps and history of the effects of ionospheric scintillations on GPS/GLONASS signals.
C16956 Pilot project for space weather applications: Geosynchronous environment for identification of satellite hit anomalies (GEISHA)
C16955 Operational distribution service of 2D maps over Europe for natural hazard studies
C16954 SOARS. The Spaceweather Operations Airline Risk Service project.
C16953 Real-time forecast service for geomagnetically induced currents
C16952 SWIPPA. Space Weather Impact on Precise Positioning Applications of GNSS.
C16812 Launcher Payload Dynamic Load Reduction Study (LPDR)
C16767 Magnetic Nozzle for Plasma Propulsion
C16603 Application of Higher Order Derivatives to Structural Probabilistic Analysis
C16530 The scientific analysis of limb sounding observations of the upper troposphere
C16431 Optical Wireless Layer Validation for On-board Data Communications in an Operational Context
C16428 Optical Wireless Layer Validation for On-board Data Communications in an Operational Context
C16366 Use of SAR interferometry to retrieve bio- and geophysical variables
C16361 Magnetospheric propulsion for Science Exploration
C16360 Magnetospheric Propulsion for Science Exploration
C16358 Quantum Communications in Space
C16314 Technology Requirements for Mars Sample Return using CO2/Metal Powder Propellants
Hydrogen Storage in Microspheres (Phase 1: Theory)
C16235 FDIR Technologies for Autonomous Spacecraft
C16224 Artificial Dexterous Astronaut Hand
C16115 Use of Long Wavelength SAR Data for Land Application
C16112 Microphotonics for Space-borne Applications
C16100 New techniques for simultaneous SAR interferometry
C16037 Gravity Gradient Sensor Technology for future planetary mission
C14496 Study for monitoring of fires in the Mediterranean Area with geostationary and polar satellites
C14024 Propulsion 2000



C15711      Survey of Algorithms for Automatic Recognition of Impact Craters
C15706 Robotic Geostationary Orbit Restorer (ROGER)
C15678 Robotic Geostationary Orbit Restorer (ROGER)
C15615 Algorithms for Casimir Force Prediction in Complex and Time-Dependent Geometries
C15545 Assessment of Thermo-hydraulic Algorithms for CPLs and LHPs
Assessment of the European space ground segment industry
C15464 Controlled Gravity Spacecraft Propulsion Programme
C15457 Atmospheric Chemistry 2) Consideration of a Mission Studying the Chemistry of the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere
C15427 Spaceborne measurements to monitor greenhouse gases emissions in the context of the Kyoto protocol
Assessment of the European space software industry
Assessment of the European launcher production industry
C15369 Study of GRIDS and collaborative environment for Space Applications (SpaceGRID)
C15316 End of Life De-Orbit Strategies
C15296 Visual Monitoring Systems
C15175 Study on the Implementation of an ESA Observatory
C15071 Alternative Electrical Energy Generation with Thermoelectric Systems
C14289 Future Earth Observation Missions: Atmospheric Chemistry (1)
C11606 Direct Economic Effects of the Ariane Programmes (CCN to 96/R50)
Near Earth Objects Space Mission Preparation



Analysis of the Geant4 toolkit for space applications
C14959 Feasibility Study related to a "Business Technology Incubator"
C14818 Assessment Study on the Application of Solid Propulsion to Satellites
C14758 Study on the Development of Microbial Detection for Europe
C14753 Electrodynamic Heatshield
C14706 Commercial access to ESA M&C Services
C14650 Definition of a Formation Flying Demonstration Mission
C14566 European Mission Architectures and Technologies in the Mars Exploration Scenario
C14565 Future Power Systems for Space Exploration
C14563 Automation and Robotics for human Mars Exploration
Study on NEO Hazard and Options for Mitigation
C14471 Update of the ESA Space Debris Mitigation Handbook
C14428 New Methods and Systems for Time & Frequency Distribution via Satellite (parallel to 00/A63)
C14427 New Methods and Systems for Time & Frequency Distribution via Satellite
C14402 Design and development of anthropomorphic phantom models based on Geant4, the validation of Geant4 low energy models for electron interactions and the investigation of extensions to model PIXE.
C14384 Radio Occultation Techniques for Airborne Remote Sensing of the Lower Troposphere
C14352 Network Infrastructure for the: "Television beyond 2000"
C14351 Network Infrastructure for the: "Television beyond 2000" (parallel to 00/A70)
C14270 Autonomy Techno Road Map
C14231 Optical Ground Station for optical data links and deep-space Missions
Sealing Maps of Selected Megacities and Megalopolises Based on ERS-SAR Data
C14107 Distributed Innovation System
C14070 ESA Space Weather Programme
C14069 ESA Space Weather Programme (parallel to 00/L40)
Advanced Microsatellite Mission
A study of the potential for using the International Space Station (ISS) as a platform for identifying and locating ground based Radio Frequency Interference to Spacecraft
C14056 Study on the Survivability and Adaptation of Humans to Long Duration Interplanetary and Planetary Environments
C14018 Understanding the Distribution of Near-Earth Objects
Miniature Radiation Monitor (MRM)
Quantification of the Importance of the Sea-Ice Budget in the Climate System
Different Approaches taken with respect to Geo Information Sector in Europe and the Unites States



C14044      Innovative Technologies from Science Fiction
C14025 Propulsion 2000: Assessment of New Needs for Advanced Space Propulsion for the next Century
C14023 Solar Thermal Upper Stage
C14022 Solar Thermal Upper Stage
C13950 Development of Launcher Tracking and Telemetry Acquisition by Data Relay Satellites
Measurements of small-size debris with Backscatter of Continuous Signals
C13928 Can Application in Avionics
Improving the Effectiveness of the Model and Test Philosophy Applied by ESA Programmes
C13818 Assessment of Metallic Joining Techniques in Space Environment: Materials, Processes and Specific Tools
Update of Meteoroid Model to Predict Impacts on Spacecraft
C13729 Risk Mgt - DECIDE Case No. 5: Flood Risk management in Italy
C13727 Fire Risk Management in Finland
C13678 Phase A Study of a Multi-User Facility for Exobiology Research
C13662 Risk Management - DECIDE Case No.1: Costal pollution in Norway
C13662 Risk Management - DECIDE Case No.3: Flood Risk management in Belgium
C13661 Risk Management - DECIDE Case No. 4: Volcano Application in Spain
Trends in Distributed Information Systems and Impact on On-line Systems
Promotion of Space Technologies for supporting the Management of Natural Disasters - A Survey of Institutional and Private Actors
C13359 Study and Design of Avantgarde
Improvement of ESA Image



Short Electrodynamic Tethers
Feedback from Satellite in-Flight-Experience to Future Satellites
C13271 Study on Mid-Term Evolution of ESA's Communications Infrastructure
C13265 Spaceguard Integrated System for Potentially Hazardous Object Survey
Hale Aerostatic Platforms
C13048 Definition of Observational Requirements for Support to a Future Earth Explorer Atmospheric Chemistry Mission
C13048 Study of Critical Requirements for Ocean Salinity Retrieval using a Low Frequency Microwave Radiometer
C13035 Feasibility Study on Space Debris Detection and Monitoring
The Retrieval of Geo- and Biophysical Information From Remote Sensing Data
C12934 Impact of Sea State on Nadir Looking and Side Looking Microwave Backscatter
C12900 Use of Mobile Infrastructure for low cost TTC (DIALSAT)
C12834 Architectures and Technologies for Future Spacecraft Network
System Concepts, Architectures and Technologies for Space Exploration and Utilisation
C12692 Feasibility Study for Software Engineering Activities in VILSPA
Contribution of High and very High Resolution Remote Sensing Data for the mapping of flood Risk Areas. Study case - The Blies basin (Alsace).
Future Space Systems Engineering Approaches
High Capacity Multimedia Communication by Satellite: The GEO Case
Innovative Financing Schemes for Space Applications and Infrastructure Programmes
Mars Express:Netlander Study
New Millennium Activity: EuroMoon Feasibility Study On Fund Raising
University-Industry Relations in the Space Domain



C12569 Extension of ESA's MASTER Model to Predict Debris Detections
C12568 Geostationary transfer orbit survey
C12568 Geostationary transfer orbit survey
Knowledge Based System Technology Applied to Mission Control
Lunar Nuclear Power Systems
Pilot Experiment & Demonstration System for the Transmission of ATM Traffic through Satellite
Methodologies for Evaluation of up- and down-link RFI
Study of a global network for research on Near-Earth Objects
Diurnal Modelling for use in Earth Radiation Budget Calculations
Geometric Calibration of Space Borne Imaging Spectrometers
C12056 Sea level research study of the benefits of high resolution
C12053 Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere Sounding
Retrieval from Sub-Mm Sounding
Astronomy: The Interferometry Cornerstone
ATV Enhancements for Additional Missions
Broadband ESA Satellite Test Bed Laboratory (BESTLAB) Definition Study
Definition Study of the MARS Express Project
Support to ESA Evolution Definition Activities



The Use of Meteosat Data for Dynamic Fade Restoration
C12197 Product Assurance for New Projects
C12180 Adaptive Space Station Systems for an International Moon Programme
Semantic Networks, Glossaries & Thesauri Inter-Operations
Study of a Dedicated SAR Interferometry Mission
Spatial and Spectral Scales of Space Borne Imaging Spectrometric Data
C12068 Study on Synergetic Observations of Earth Radiation Mission Instruments
C12055 Retrieval of atmospheric trace gas profiles from infrared spectra
C12054 Simulation of Atmospheric Infrared Data
Study on the Utility of a Doppler Wind Lidar for Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate
C11981 Pilot Telemedicine System via Satellite
Narrow-to-broadband conversion of shortwave radiances
Spatial Resol.& Radiom. Accur. of Space Borne SAR Data Prod. for Hydrol.
Study of Land-Coastal Ocean Interactions
Intercomparison and Improvement of SAR Ocean Imaging Interaction Models
Pilot Telemedicine System for Sarayevo
Use of Passive Microwave Radiometer Data for Precipitation Determination
Radiation Pressure Forces on Complex Spacecraft
Technology Demonstration Small Mission - EFAM
Technology Demonstration Small Mission - COMRING
Technology Demonstration Small Mission - FUEGOTEC
Technology Demonstration Small Mission - COALAS
ENSS Regional System Study
Vernier Upper Stage for a Small Launcher
Standardisation of Small Mission Related Hypotheses for Future Launcher
North American Scenario for the Evolution of Broadband Services
Protection of Frequency Bands for Future Missions
Direct Economic Effects of the Ariane Programmes
Advanced Spectrum Shaping Techniques for Efficient Bandwidth Utilisation
Synergetic Use of Infrared, Optical and Microwave Remote Sensing Observations
C9558 Lunar Landing Systems



Lunar Nighttime Survival - LUNISS
Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and Space Activities in Europe
Use of Space Techniques for Risk Management
Spectral and Radiometric Calibration
Multi-Mission Altimeter Intercalibration
Retrieval Algorithms for A Backscatter Lidar
Study on a Spectroscopic Database for Millimetre and Sub-Millimetre Wavelengths
Use of Space Technology for Risk Management
Future Satellite Concepts, Technologies, Architectures and Service Capabilities
Small Missions Opportunities (SMO) Initiative Feasibility Study
GNSS-2 Mission Analysis
ESA's Evolution Strategy and Suggested Action Plan
Impact of Surface Anisotropy on Large Scale Optical Imaging Sensors
UV absorption Cross-Section study
Earth Radiation Budget (ERB) Mission Scenario
Earth Radiation Budget - General Purpose Database
Quantitative Evaluation of SAR Interferometry Applications
The International Space Station as Test Bed for Technology
Microsatellite Science Utilisation and Space Station
Time and Frequency Science Utilisation of the International Space Station
Ballistic Re-Entry And Return Operation Assessment
Modelling of the European Distributed User Services (DUS): Plan for the year 2000
Combined Retrieval of Ice and Atmosphere Parameters
Study & Measurement of Dielectric Properties of Sea Water
Lunar Resources Exploitation & Lunar Oxygen Production Technologies
Heat Pump Assessment Study
Scatterometer and Radiometer Land Application
C11099 Robotics for Lunar Exploration - ROLEX
Promotion of Industrial Utilisation of Space : RADIUS CIRUS Second year Pilot Phase
The Impact of Continuum Emissions in the mm and sub-mm Spectral Ranges
Analysis of Debris Mitigation Measures



Navigation for Earth-Moon Libration Points Orbits
GNSS-2 Mission Analysis
Pointing System Feasibility Study
C11196 Lunar Resources Exploitation & Oxygen Production Techniques
Upper Stage Improvements
Promotion of Industrial Utilisation of Space : RADIUS Crystal Growth First year Pilot Phase
Re-usability of RD170 Rocket Engine
C11113 Propulsion Requirements for Lunar Lander
Role of the Ground Segment for Flight Operations in Rendez-vous Missions
Study on G-Jitter for the Evaluation of Tolerability Limits
Towards a New Role for ESA in the Development of Market-Oriented Applications
Broadband Communications by Satellite Using High Speed Packet Routing
Early Utilisation of the Russian Modules on the International Space Station for Earth Observation - Advanced Landoriented Remote Sensing Experiment (ADLEX)
Captive Market Required to Secure Industrial Competition and Competitiveness in the Space Field in Europe
Direct and Indirect Economic Impact of European Space Activities
Promotion of Industrial Utilisation of Space : RADIUS Zeolite First Year Pilot Phase
A Study of Cloud Detection
Study of the Ring Effect
Studies on MIR Environment for Science
Extension of the OSSE Data Base to Scatterometer and ATOVS Data
Monitoring of Plans in the USA for Future Launchers and Experimental Vehicles
Assessment of Microgravity Research Results
Study on Ariane Launched Capsules for Microgravity Research
Human Behaviour Study (HUBES)
Rain Rate Observations by Radar Altimeter
Promotion of Industrial Utilisation of Space : RADIUS Biotechnology First year Pilot Phase
Study of Telescience Possibilities on Emerging Flight Opportunities
Promotion of Space Utilisation: RADIUS CIRUS



Study on the Application of New Techniques for Enhanced Performance of Microgravity Research
Study of the Gravity Field Determination Using Gradiometry and GPS, Phase 2
Reusable Rocket Launcher Demonstrator
Study on the Present Organisation and Potential Enlargement of the Technology Transfer From Space to Non-space Sectors
Study on the Interactions Between Future Launchers and Their Users
Air Cooling, Liquefaction, Separation and Storage for Single Stage to Orbit Launchers
CCD-Algorithms for Space Debris Detection
BedRest Campaign
Mission Applications of Tethers
Small Launcher Market Survey
Study of Access Techniques for LAN Interconnection by Satellite
Individual Performance Assessment Study
Spacecraft Modelling Methods in Support of Simulation of Future Missions
Enhancement of International Interoperability
Participation in the International Antarctic Psychological Programme
Study of A Demonstrator for A Future European Space Transport System
Derivation of Temperature and Pressure from Sub-mm Limb Observations
Potential Applications for Atomic Clocks
Reusable Rocket Launcher
Winged Launcher Configurations Study



A Study of the Potential Contribution of a Backscatter Lidar to Climatological Studies
Retrieval of Rain Rate from Passive Microwave Radiometers
Feasibility Study for a Millimetre-Wave Space-borne Cloud Radar
ERS-1 SAR Interferometry Applications
Simultaneous Implementation of a Synthetic Aperture Radar and a High-Resolution Optical Imager
Long-Term Evolution of Earth Orbiting Debris
Ground Segment and Operations Concepts for Small Satellite Missions
Study of Techniques for Deriving Radiation Fields from Satellite Measurements
Reusable Rocket Launchers
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