Tele-Echography Activities

TERESA onboard the Airbus 0-G
The tele-echography technology developed in collaboration with ESA enables an ultrasound specialist to perform a diagnostic on a patient from a remote hospital. Isolated areas or mobile contexts, such as boats, usually do not have access to echography examination because of the cost of equipment and the necessity for a specialist to be on site.

Project evolution steps:

  1. Development and Validation
  2. Use in Concordia
  3. Demonstration of a complete tele-echography solution
  4. Flight on the ISS

Goals / Description:

To develop a robotic tele-manipulation system enabling a medical expert to remotely perform ultrasound examinations on a patient in the International Space Station (ISS) or in isolated contexts on earth.

Status of project steps:

  1. Validation campaign in French Guiana & on a sea vessel to evaluate telemedicine services based on the technology - completed
  2. Research campaign at the Antarctic Station Concordia to evaluate the technology in extreme operational conditions analogous to a space mission - upcoming
  3. Demonstration and Validation of a complete Tele-Echography Solution (i.e. infrastructure for service) - in progress
  4. Experimentation on the ISS - planned

Start date:

The latest phase of this series of project development, ARTIS, commences in January 2008

ESA Microgravity Applications Programme (MAP), Exploration programme, General Studies Programme (GSP), European Commission FP6
Prime: MEDES (F)

ESA contacts:
Didier Schmitt(Project Leader) - didier.schmitt @
Inter-Directorate Task Force (DG-F)

Last update: 14 April 2009

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