What services do the Life, Physical Science, Exploration and Life Support Laboratory Facilities offer?

Although tasks requested for ESA projects are generally given priority the Life, Physical Science, Exploration and Life Support Laboratory does provide services for other European space programmes and companies, including SMEs (although not in competition with commercial laboratories) that meet the criteria described below.

A candidate customer can request a quotation to perform a test by contacting Laboratory manager Robert Lindner (contact details below). To qualify, the candidate customer (or end customer they are acting for) must be a person or body under the jurisdiction of an ESA Member State. The project in question must correspond to standard ESA Directorate of Technical and Quality Management research and development – space oriented work such as equipment testing –and must have a peaceful purpose.

Services offered by the Laboratory Facilities and the associated team include:

  • assessment and verification of experimental instrument design concepts and measurements principles in support of both projects and technology R&D
  • verification of the feasibility of new ideas through rapid breadboarding
  • cleaning, detection, disinfection and sterilisation activities for flight projects
  • provision of support to scientific experiments
  • performance of science verification and flight sequence tests
  • preparation of biological samples for flight and ground-based experiments
  • long-term functional testing of flight facility ground reference models
  • analysis of payload malfunctions or hardware failures
  • maintaining a pool of expertise among Agency staff and the training of young graduate trainees, stagiaires and research fellows.


Laboratory Manager
Robert Lindner, Robert.Lindner @ esa.int

Last update: 8 March 2010

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