What services do the Materials and Components Laboratories offer?

Although tasks requested for ESA projects are generally given priority the Materials and Components Laboratories do provide services for other European space programmes (although not in competition with commercial laboratories) that meet the criteria described below.

A candidate customer can request a quotation to perform a test by contacting Laboratories manager Ralf de Marino(contact details below). To qualify, the candidate customer (or end customer they are acting for) must be a person or body under the jurisdiction of an ESA Member State. The project in question must correspond to standard ESA Directorate of Technical and Quality Management research and development – space oriented work such as equipment testing –and must have a peaceful purpose.

The following services are provided in the area of Materials:

  • Qualification of printed circuit board lines and surface mount technology
  • Failure investigations
  • Characterisation of materials
  • Assessment of processes

The specific services are:

  • Mechanical testing - Corrosion testing
  • Outgassing (static and dynamic testing)
  • Offgassing
  • Toxicity
  • Optical analysis, including UV/IR
  • Thermal and thermo-optical analysis
  • Contamination analysis
  • Atomic oxygen effects
  • Radiation effects (low energy electrons and protons, UV, including synergistic effects, gamma radiation)
  • Microscopy (optical, SEM, acoustic, confocal, atomic force)
  • Thermal cycling exposure
  • Sterilisation and Planetary Protection

The following services are provided in the field of EEE components:

  • Component analysis and testing for the determination of physical properties, electrical characteristics and reliability under application conditions
  • Technology and workmanship assessment including reverse engineering
  • Failure analysis of components
  • Radiation testing and characterisation of components for effects including Total Ionising Dose, Displacement Damage and Single Event Effects
  • Assessment, generation, refinement and validation of relevant test methods, procedures and laboratory standards, such as the European Space Components Coordination (ESCC), European Cooperation on Space Standardization (ECSS), United States Defence Standards (Mil-STD).


Laboratories Manager
Ralf de Marino, Ralf.De.Marino @ esa.int

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