Company: Mobzili

The Dutch start-up company Mobzili offers a location-based content and promotion platform to communicate to a target audience through mobile phone services.

With today's overwhelming amount of advertising, local suppliers often have difficulty reaching potential customers. Mobzili will allow retailers, food outlets, entertainment establishments, and sport and cultural centres to target potential customers within a restricted geographical area via modern media.

The Mobzili service provides information on local offers and their location, in an interactive and interesting manner, directly to subscribers' mobile phones

The key objective is to make consumers aware of potential opportunities within their area. Mobzili combines location information for both customer and supplier.

Project: Mobzili platform

The Mobzili platform can provide local businesses with an effective system to directly communicate to and with potential consumers. The customer can then decide whether they want to subscribe to this service or not.

While current solutions can provide internet-based marketing and promotion options to mobile phones, none have been designed specifically to enable direct bi-directional communication between interested consumers and suppliers within specific locations.

Mobzili enables suppliers to create and update information on what they have to offer as well as allowing them to measure the number of customers interested in their proposals on a minute to minute basis, so that they can tailor what they have to offer to customer’s needs.

Potential customers receive offers via an engaging user interface on their mobile phone. The platform relies on location and time-based technology and is combined with personalised profiles to prevent 'overload' to the consumer.

The concept is of equal value to local residents, who will receive up to date information on the 'latest and greatest' in their area, as well as visitors to the area who can receive guidance in their current

From space to industry

Mobzili is a down-stream application that uses location global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) signals, initially GPS. In the future it will work with the European navigation satellite system Galileo which will provide greater accuracy.

At present Mobzili is exploring integrating the European EGNOS Data Access System EDAS into its design. This will enable wide-area differential corrections of location coordinates via mobile internet connections.

ESA Business Incubation

Wojtek Chowanski and Reza Ladchartabi

The start-up business Mobzili is hosted by the ESA Business Incubator at ESTEC in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, and is in the phase of consolidating the company.

To assist in getting the business idea off the ground, ESA provides Mobzili with funding, engineering advice from experts in navigation and telecommunication as well as access to testing facilities to develop their system.

Incubation period and location

Mobzili is hosted at ESA Business Incubation centre at ESTEC from March 2007.


Wojtek Chowanski
Reza Ladchartabi


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