Company: SATMOS

The Franco-Dutch company SATMOS provides an innovative satellite telecommunication service exclusively designed for remote surveillance and data acquisition.

The service brings value to systems integrators that can now provide full scale of services to their customers.

Investment and subscription costs enable remote monitoring on projects in various industrial fields including but not limited to oil & gas, construction, utilities (water and waste water treatment plants and water distribution networks, gas delivery networks), solar and wind farms, environmental monitoring, telemedicine etc.

Key elements of SATMOS service include:

  • Low Cost: Investment and maintenance costs are kept low and comparable to others in the telecommunication area
  • Innovative: The service relies on the latest satellite technology developments to provide flexible service configuration
  • Simple: The equipment is simple to install and to operate

Project: SATMOS, Satellite Monitoring Service

Control and surveillance

SATMOS service enables efficient remote collection of basic environmental and industrial data in the following segments:

  • Industrial process control: controlling different variables: flow rates, emission levels, temperature
  • Pipeline and power line monitoring: enabling security and real-time monitoring of oil and gas pipelines and electricity power lines with real-time operating data. Facilitating command and control over pumping stations and electric power stations.
  • Water resources management: aiming at minimize water loss monitoring of water reservoirs, water distribution networks and sewage systems of state or municipal water utilities that require monitoring and controlling of the water flow, level, pressure, etc.
  • Environmental: water level controlling at sea, lakes and rivers, and hydroelectric generators; soil control of old mines, forest fire monitoring, etc.
  • Security: monitoring of harbours, remote business sites for SOHO and SME, construction sites, remote parking lots, residential security, etc.
  • Other industries: remote controlling of installations such as lighthouses, traffic signals, solar plants, and wind farms.

SATMOS provides two-way satellite communication to facilitate real-time remote control and monitoring as well as automatic data collection from isolated industrial and business sites. It improves operational efficiency for its customers by delivering real-time data to the control centres sometimes located far away, and enables instant transmission of alarms, preventive diagnostics and maintenance facilitating better decision making and reducing safety risks.

Satellite link to remote sites

SATMOS’ service has a variety of applications within the security and automation (machine to machine) industries. Satellite transmission brings advantage, but is not limited to the following situations:

  • Absence of reliable and/or permanent telecommunication infrastructure
  • Need to connect temporary installations to a monitoring centre (such as construction sites or public events)
  • Necessity to install true back-up telecommunication link
  • Implementation of independent and free of roaming charges cross-border connection
  • Difficulty with installed infrastructure and necessity to support other telecommunication links (radio, Wi-Fi, …etc) over larger distances.

The solutions SATMOS provides are easily integrated within existing IT network infrastructures meeting prerequisites of the latest surveillance and SCADA systems. SATMOS solutions enable hybrid communication networks by combining satellite solutions with terrestrial GSM, GPRS or radio IT networks.

From space to industry

SATMOS brings satellite technology closer to the requirements of automation and surveillance industries. By using latest technology in the bidirectional satellite telecommunication SATMOS establishes effective and redundant communication and customizes its service according to the customer’s requirements.

ESA business Incubation

SATMOS has its permanent office at ESA Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC) Noordwijk, where most of the R&D and operational activities are done. Affiliation with ESA business incubation and telecommunication experts allows continual improvement of the service and implementation of range of case studies as company's service improvement objective.


SATMOS business idea was initially developed under its mother company Fitecsud. The business plan development and access to market was supported at ESA BIC Noordwijk in 2008.



The SATMOS team consists of:

  • Philippe Puyou
    Managing Director & co-funder
  • Norbert Lannelongue
    Strategy Advisor & co-founder
  • Viktorija Mironova
    Business Development, Marketing Contact


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