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ESA BIC Noordwijk

Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk hosting ESA BIC Noordwijk

ESA Business Incubation Centre in Nordwijk, The Netherlands, was opened in 2004 and is managed by SBIC Noordwijk B.V. The centre offers business start-up support as well as technical expertise in most areas of space technology and know-how.

European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC)

Located in the Space Business Park near to ESTEC, the largest ESA site and the scientific and technical heart of ESA, ESA BIC Noordwijk is promoting the exchange of knowledge between advanced technology and space activities, as well the exchange of technology and expertise between space programmes and terrestrial applications.

This facilitates the opportunity for start-ups hosted at ESA BIC Noordwijk to get access to ESA engineers expertise in a wide area of technical fields as well as ESTEC's laboratory and test facilities.  

Wish to join an ESA BIC?

  • Your idea must be based on space-related technology, expertise and/or application and target the non-space market
  • Your company must not be older than five years or you are going to start a new company
  • Your company has to be located at and managed from your preferred ESA BIC

Join the ESA BIC by five steps

  • Choose ESA BIC where you wish to locate your business
  • Contact the ESA BIC manager (email to: )
  • Download the Permanent Open Call for Proposal 
  • Download and fill in the Application Template
  • Send your signed and completed application files to the ESA BIC manager.

Why ESA BIC Noordwijk?

ESA BIC Noordwijk

ESA BIC Noordwijk is located in close vicinity to ESTEC with its more than 2000 specialists working on dozens of space projects in science missions, human spaceflight, space exploration, telecommunications, satellite navigation and Earth observation as well as technology development.

This allow any start-up which uses space-technology and systems to enjoy ESTEC's rich and expiring environment.

Wish to join ESA BIC Noordwijk?
 Click here to read more and how to apply.

ESA BIC Noordwijk contact person: Martijn Seijger

ESA BIC Noordwijk
Martijn Seijger
Kapteynstraat 1
SBIC-building suite 140
2201 BB Noordwijk, the Netherlands
Tel: 31 (0)71 20 20 307
Twitter: @ESABICNoordwijk

Our current and former start-up companies

The ‘incubatees’ have been divided into the following field of business:

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Last update: 29 September 2017

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