New CDF - Projection Screen Arrives

The glass screen is unloaded from its delivery truck
15 November 2007

On 13 November 2007 the new 6 x 2 metre glass screen for the CDF design wall arrived along with a whole team of expert delivery men and installers.

The day started with a window being removed from the back of the Eg building and a large scaffolding arrangement being erected outside the building and an equally strange inclined runway being prepared inside.

The screen is first lifted onto the 4 metre high external scaffolding

Having got the glass screen and its handling trolley to the top of the scaffolding was only the start of the task. Now the trolley had to be adjusted to tilt the screen so that it would fit through the window.

The screen entered the building through the window opening - but only just

With a minimum of clearance, the projection screen was passed through the window with its speed being restrained by the crane, attached by a strop to the end of the handling trolley.

There was not much clearance between the trolley and the runway edge

Once inside the building, the handling trolley had to be adjusted again to stand the screen more upright to allow it to pass down the corridor.

The crane restrained the speed of the glass screen descent down the slope, extending right into the building

There was not a lot of clearance and the crane had to be extended right into the building until the projection screen and handling trolley were down the ramp.

The window goes back

All the scaffolding was removed and the window fitters quickly reinstalled the window.

View of the projection room during commissioning of the projectors

The projector room behind the Design Wall was a hive of activity during the commissioning phase. The projection room contains the three stereoscopic projectors and the mirrors for rear projection.

First image on the 6m design wall

The new 6 metre screen installation and mechanical calibration was carried out by the Barco experts, resulting in the illumination of the screen.

Work will continue with the optical calibration of the Design Wall.

Some of the equipment still to be installed in the New CDF

Meanwhile the rest of the integration of the new CDF continues, with the workstation equipment being installed.

To be continued.

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