SECESA 2012 5th Workshop

View of IST Lisbon campus
2 April 2013

The ESA Directorate for Technical and Quality Management and the Concurrent Design Facility organised the fifth International Workshop on Systems and Concurrent Engineering for Space Applications, in partnership with the Instituto Superior Tecnico of Lisbon (IST), which was hosted in Lisbon, Portugal on 17-18-19 October 2012.

The aim of the workshop was to gather together participants from space and non-space institutions, industry and academia interested in the Systems and Concurrent Engineering (SE&CE) and to provide a forum to share their experience and discuss innovation and future plans for SE&CE.

View of Belem Tower Lisbon

The Workshop was organised around the following topics:
- Industrial practices and case studies of SE in aerospace and other industries
- New processes and methodologies for SE: related results, effectiveness
- SE&CE in the project life cycle: relation to project management, phasing and procurement
- Methods, enabling technologies, tools and engineering models and approaches (IMCE, MBSE) for SE&CE
- Creation, utilization and interoperability of CE centres (architectures, infrastructure, processes, data exchange, functions, services, standards)
- Benchmarking of SE&CE practices w.r.t. costs, schedule and quality - business models, metrics and evaluations
- Innovative ideas and initiatives for future developments in SE&CE
- SE&CE success stories and lessons learned in all phases of the project life cycle
- SE&CE approaches to development of Systems of Systems and highly complex systems
- Knowledge management and capitalisation for SE&CE - effective reuse of proven engineering patterns and anti-patterns
- Dedicated SE&CE for small missions, including Nanosat and Cubesat
- SE standards and related tailoring approches for cost effective implementations
- Cost as criterion and constraint in SE design
- Education and Training of SE&CE methodologies and skills

Dinner at the Olympic Museum
Participants at the SECESA 2010 workshop, Lausanne, Switzerland

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Participants of the SECESA 2008 workshop in La Sapienza University Rome
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