CDF Layout

The Facility

The CDF is a suite of rooms designed and equipped with all the relevant hardware and software tools to create a multidisciplinary design environment, providing effective communication, data interchange, engineering tools and databases to a number of team members working concurrently.

The CDF consists of 3 design rooms and a number of support and ancillary rooms grouped around a central foyer. The main design room with 30 computer stations is used as the primary room for large mission or large instrument studies, while the project design room is smaller and is mainly used for smaller studies or reviews as well as splinter meetings of a larger study. The support design room is more of a conventional meeting room with a central table. All the rooms are linked via an audio visual network allowing data from any screen or workstation to be displayed on any or all of the screens in the other rooms. All the rooms also have full video conference facilities via ISDN or IP. Individual features of the rooms are as follows:

Main Design Room

  • 6 x 2 m projection screen and a display management system with an embedded Windows interface capable of displaying both mono and stereoscopic source windows simultaneously.
  • Users can push their computer screens directly to the design wall as well as pull any information displayed on the design wall to their local preview monitor
  • 16:9 Smart Board ® that allows full PC functionality to be operated through the screen, plus on-screen drawing
  • Visualiser
  • 4 x LCD screens for display of related study information
  • 30 design stations, some dedicated to a specific technical discipline, others configurable to any discipline
  • 1 x LCD screen linked to the Digital Congress Network displaying a graphic of the room showing the location of the domain experts, highlighting the experts with activated microphones

Project Design Room

  • 2 x 65"Plasma screens, 1 x 82" LCD with integrated tough screen and 2 x 50"LCD's working as data repeaters
  • Wireless Room controller
  • Main design room viewing gallery

Support Design Room

  • All facilities of a conference room with added functionality of design capability
  • 2 x Plasma screens one with an integrated Smart Board
  • Wireless Room controller
  • 16:9 Projector with fixed screen 4.3m x 2.5m
A Typical CDF Workstation
Typical workstations

Most of the workstations have identical PCs, but the configuration, structures and the simulation positions have specific, dedicated workstations. All workstations contain a preview screen that is shared between the two users which can be used to pull data from the projection wall or display additional data for either user. Each workstation also has a camera and microphone to enable more inclusive experience for remote study participants.

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