What are its objectives?

Europe seen by ESA astronaut André Kuipers onboard the ISS

Clean Space aims to make ESA an exemplary space agency in the area of terrestrial and space environmental protection.

It will ensure the sustainable forward-looking use of space by ESA to preserve it as a viable economic arena, continue to promote a high environmental standard for European citizens and position European industry at the foreground of new green technology markets.

Through expanding its knowledge of the environmental impact of its activities, ESA will identify environmentally friendly technologies and processes that will minimise the environmental impact of ESA’s operations.

Information gathered during the monitoring of environmental legislation compliance will be used to prepare and mitigate against possible supply chain disruptions through the development of alternative materials and processes.

ESA will also support and promote the interests of preserving Earth's orbital environment as a safe zone in which to operate satellites, by limiting or minimising causes of harmful interference in space activities.  

Winning markets, saving space

European industry should also gain a competitive advantage in world markets, having been encouraged to develop new green propellants, new materials and processes and green electronics that not only alleviate safety and environmental concerns but cut use of raw materials, waste, production costs and schedules, compared to alternative options.

Last update: 25 July 2013

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