ESTEC tours for this coming Sunday fully booked

7 October 2011

The guided tours of ESA’s ESTEC technical centre scheduled for this coming Sunday, 9 October, are now fully booked.

The public has responded enthusiastically to the opportunity of touring the Noordwijk-based site in the Netherlands during its 9 October open day but the number of participants is limited due to practical considerations.

ESTEC is where most European space projects are born and guided through their various stages of development, as well as Dutch astronaut André Kuipers’ usual workplace.

LSS mirror
Large Space Simulator mirror at ESTEC

For anyone missing out who is still be interested in touring the site, ESTEC’s visitor centre SpaceExpo does offer regular smaller-scale tours of key locations within ESTEC on week-ends and during school holidays.

These tours include ESTEC's Test Centre – where space hardware is tested for orbital conditions – and Erasmus User Centre – where European experiments for the International Space Station are supported. For more information, please refer to the Space Expo website.

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