Development of dampers for deployment of appendages

Fluid damper developed by ESA with Ruag (Austria)

When deploying appendages, it is important to ensure that the shock at the end of the deployment is limited to avoid any damage. The attenuation of the shock is achieved with deployment dampers. The main dampers are:

  • Fluid dampers
  • Eddy-current dampers
  • Deployment regulators (based for example on a low melting point metallic alloy)
  • Magneto-rheologic fluids dampers
Deployment regulator developed by ESA with Sener (Spain)
Deployment regulator developed by ESA with Sener (Spain)

Whatever deployment damper technology, the basic concept is to dissipate the shock energy in a certain manner (through a fluid, through generation of electrical energy …).

Last update: 18 January 2011

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